Help dress me

  1. I am wearing a light orange v-neck shirt and denim capri pants. I also have on a black leather belt and wil be wearing black mary janes with a pretty much flat heeel (maybe the heel is 1/2 inch). I want to switch my bag today-I have been carrying a chocolate brown Antonio Melani but am thinking of switching to my new Maxx NY bag in turquoise-it's this one:

    I am almost embarassed to show that since so many people here have such higher end bags-but, i thought it was cute for the summer. Thanks!

    Oh-and I need to go out soon-so, quick advice please-LOL!~

    I can't get the link to take you to the bag :sad:
  2. Your link didn't work for me{?} Don't be embarrassed, it's the PURSE Forum, not the Designer purse forum! ;)

    What do you need help with? Just opinions on your outfit?
  3. Yes-I want to know if the bag would look ok with what I am wearing today
  4. Can you try posting a different link sice that one didn't work?
  5. OK-here is a pic of the bag-what do you think?
    maxx ny bag.jpg
  6. i know am being to technical ..but what shade of orange and what shade of denim? A dark denim i would use that bag , but if a lighter wash i would maybe
  7. cute avi by the way
  8. Dark denim-and thanks about the avi :smile:
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