HELP!! dove grey = mousse?!

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  1. i never see dove grey it same as mousse?
    are they the same color?

    i have a 05 choco and 06 you think i need to get one more dove grey or tabacco?

    argh..i am so confused....and i have a eco midterm an hr later...cant concentrate on my study.....:shame:

    tabacco mean a dark brwon..and dove grey is a true grey without any undertone?

    thanks for answering:yes:
  2. :sad:

  3. Hi!

    I don't know the exact difference, or how similar they are, as i haven't seen either of them IRL. (Sadly!)
    I have a Dove paddy on it's way to me soon, so i will post pics as soon as it arrives - maybe that will help?:flowers:

    I would also say go for the Dove if you've already got blanc and choco :smile:
  4. I had a blanc and choco and mousse trio at one point! They seemed like the perfect combo!!! :love:

    Then I lost my mind (and my bank account) :roflmfao:

    Go for the dove grey :graucho:
  5. thanks a lot Miss M and hmwe46:yes:

    sadly....its all gone now :crybaby:
  6. thank you nycmom :yahoo:

    does anybody know we need to paid duty if i order from international site?

  7. The UK NAP site has definitely sold out, but you can still get the tobacco, if you like it enough?:flowers:

    I think you will need to pay duty in accordance with your own country's laws, i guess it depends on where you live?
  8. The tobacco and the dove grey are both sold out. Hopefully anybody who wants these babies got theirs. When I received my 2 new paddingtons, I will post pictures of my 3 paddingtons and the whole chloe family, so far i have 5!!! plus a large paddy wallet within 2 months. oh my god! No wonder my husband is not happy!
    The bowler in gold are still available. Post pictures of your new paddys when you get them! Congrats to all of US!!

  9. I see you're in NYC. If you're in Manhattan, you can get the same day delivery from NAP - they are now based in the US as well as the UK. If you purchase from NAP USA, you'll pay regular sales tax, no duty.
  10. The Tobacco Paddy is still up I see. I thought it was sold out?
  11. I'm guessing it's gone now tho;)

    To clarify:

    Dove = Mousse:yes:

    The paper tag on my new bag says Mousse - NAP described it as Dove.
    So, Dove = Mousse, and Mousse = Dove. lol