Help - Dooney & Bourke Outlet.

  1. How much of a discount do Dooney outlets give? I've only been to the COACH outlet here since I've been home and they give a significant amount off ($360 satchel for $180!). Is Dooney the same? I want to see if I can get an All-Weather black satchel since its hurricane season and I dont want to take my other babies out in the rain. Thanks in advance guys!
  2. I've been to the one in Williamsburg & I think they have great deals imo. But, some things they sold were returns & irregulars...which I didn't like. So, you have to look closely or you might end up with somethink that has a stain or tear!
  3. A lot of the purses the outlet has are labeled "irregular" but they look totally fine to me. Some have marks, but most look perfect - but I'm not a D&B specialist, so I could be totally wrong. I like Dooney's quality - it's great for the price. And the prices at the outlet are probably at least 20% cheaper.
  4. Thank you ladies! You are the best! Sounds good to me. I want something from the Alto line as well :shame: But I must contain myself. I will just have to wait until after I get an All Weather one because I wouldnt want to take the Alto out in the rain either!
  5. I go to the D & B outlet regularly in Texas and they offer great sales on top of the decent prices. At Christmas time I got one that retails over $200 for around $88. Plus I love that they get the vintage classic AWL styles from time to time. Definitely check them out.:smile:
  6. $200 for $88!? I'm definitely going tomorrow. Just my luck too because the Destin outlet is having a sale on vintage bags!

  7. ^ Wow that's awesome!!! Lucky girl, there are no outlets here :sad: Actually, only one store in the province sells D&B :P
  8. We used to have a Dooney outlet over in Martinsburg WV, but it closed a while back when the outlet mall went under. Now that Leesburg VA has a Coach outlet, here's hoping that Dooney shows up one day to give them some competition!
  9. Yes, the vintage bags are so fun to see. I'm talking the bags that were around in the 80's. When I was in high school I wanted the green drawstring - the one with the duck on it. I know I'm showing my age!:P I finally got one at the outlet about 2 years ago. If I'm not mistaken, that one cost me around $86 on sale too. I guess I have luck when purses are in the $80 range! :biggrin:
  10. mharvey there is a coach outlet in leesburg? I never it by the burberry outlet?
  11. Does anyone know if there are any outlets near NY? I know the headquarters is in CT, and once a year they have a blow out sale, but that is usually between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    I'm in NJ, but as the crow flies, very close to both PA and NY.

    Thank you.
  12. They are having a special right now of buy one and get the 2nd half off.
  13. if you're worried about the "irregular" factor (even though there doesn't seem to be any reason why), you can also try somewhere like TJMaxx or Marshalls. and Macys is having a freaking huge sale on Dooney!
  14. Yep, it's been at Leesburg for over a month now. It's right next to the Etienne Aigner store.
  15. I love the Dooney & Bourke outlet! I went there not planning on buying anything & left with a Rasberry-colored Hearts mini barrel bag. I think I ended up paying $60-75 when the original price was well over $100.