Help! dont know what to do with the x-studded bag!

  1. Hi ladies!
    I asked for help a couple of weeks ago for a nice and huggable bag...
    good news is that I did get one...
    bad news is that I dont think I like it...:sad:
    and cant return it anymore... (made a stupid:blink: bid at ebay and won)
    So now I'm stuck with it...
    I dont even know if its a day or a night bag...
    and I have no idea what to wear it with...:shrugs: (i know its a stupid dillema)
    But I would really appreciate your help with any suggestions
    on how to wear this bag without it looking to much.

    its actually nice in a way... but there's just too much studs!
    so far the only outfit it did look good with was with black.
    any suggestions please...
  2. i think that bag would look cute with a bright shirt and jeans and bright heels.. id say its more of a day bag than night

    if you really dont like it, sell it on ebay?
  3. thanks barbie.belle!
    I tried your suggestion as soon as I read it...
    :yes: yup it did look pretty good.
    I guess it just takes some getting used to...
    its the first not consevative bag I got.:shame:
    so I guess a little change wont hurt.
    I think I'll keep it for now.
    Maybe when I figure out how to sell on ebay I could sell some of my older bags...
    thanks again!