HELP!! Doing exchange with seller, start Paypal claim??

  1. I bought a bag for $600+ which had yellowed and the seller agreed to exchange it for me. I'm going to ship it back tomorrow, but have a nagging worry that the seller may not honour his end and will disappear after he receives the bag from me. Firstly I'm not in the USA, and I think Paypal's protection is zilch for non-USA members? Secondly, I didn't pay with a credit card. Thirdly, the seller has less than 10 feedback.

    So far, the seller responds promptly to emails but no niceties and is a little curt in his replies. Am I reading too much into this?

    So, do I file a eBay or Paypal claim now? or only later if the seller doesn't ship the exchange to me? I'm worried that if I file now, I may just anger the seller. But am I doing enough to protect myself? Also, even if I do file a significantly not described, from what I've read, it seems to be totally useless am I right?

    I really can't quite get my head around all these, help anyone??
  2. File a paypal claim now! That way you can work through the resloution center and the money is put on hold in his account.
    I really dislike paypal and have just gone through something similar recently, fortunately I have received a refund (less $25), but $600 is a lot to lose.
    Good luck!
  3. If the description represented the bag as perfect, etc, I'd file a paypal claim. The protection issue goes both ways... they don't have any protection against you filing a claim either if you're in a country not covered by PayPal's protections.
  4. I would claim it with paypal, to be safe and peace of mind.
  5. Yeah better to be safe than sorry - at least is trackable through there and should a dispute arise you have covered all the angles you should have. Good luck - I hope it all works out well for you
  6. I would not send the bag back yet, because then the seller will have the bag and your money. If the item is not as describe ask for a refund through paypal.
  7. File the claim with paypal before you send back the bag that way you are covered
  8. You said exchange right??? So he is suppose to send you another bag???

    If this is the case, then I see another potential problem for you! When you file a Paypal dispute, you have 20 days (or is it a month) to get it resolved. Paypal will close the dispute if you don't escalate it to a claim within that time. Because you are not local to the seller, this could be a problem. You send the item back to them and a file a claim. Being international, it could take a few weeks to get it back to him. And then when he receives his bag, he'll send you another which could take a few more weeks. In this time, the paypal clock is ticking away and you might find that if there is a problem with the second bag also, there won't be enough time for you to send it back to the seller!
  9. If you file a claim now then why should the seller honor his agreement to exchange the bag?

    I am just confused, as I own a legitimate (NON-eBay) business, and there are return policies that my customers must follow. IE - if you send something back to Nordstrom for an exchange, you don't get to dispute the charge with your Credit card company while awaiting the new item from Nordies.

    Do you understand what I am saying, NO legitimate business would send you merchandise after you dispute the charge with your bank (be in Credit card, or paypal.)

    The proper way to do business is to give the benefit of the doubt - I hope you understand I am not trying to be harsh - but, it is baffling to me that you all would suggest she dispute a charge when she still WANTS product.

    Trust me, if you disputed your Neiman's charge while waiting for them to exchange an item an for you they would NOT send you what you were waiting for - and you would be termed a BAD customer.

    I guess I am failing to see why you cannot wait to file a claim IF the seller does not send you a NEW bag, then your claim will actually have merit as you will have a tracking number that proves you sent back the merchandise - if you file the claim now you are jumping the gun - as the seller does not yet have the merchandise back. Furthermore, we all might hate paypal - but, it is the seller you are hurting, and regardless of how he/she is answering your emails - don't you think you owe them the benefit of the doubt???

    Sorry - just my humble opinion, as a human being and a business owner.
  10. You do have a good point, Loganz. With all the horror stories we here about ebay and paypal scammers, everyone is edgee and suspicious of everyone else. When you buy from a business, there's a belief that they will honour what they say, this is not always with the case with ebay. In peppy situation, I'd be worried too.
  11. Sorry Loganz I totally agree with you on how a reputable business should & most do operate, unfortunately on ebay you really don't know who you are dealing with unless there is a huge feedback record of good practice which can be checked out. Any crook can start to sell on ebay & there really some very nasty people out there. Thankfully my bad experiences have only been a few despite having made over 1000 sales there but really the only way to protect yourself is to go the route of making a Paypal claim, if the seller is honest then there is nothing to fear you just cancel the claim if he is not then you are protected.
  12. I guess what I don't understand is why on earth anyone would exchange a bag with you when you have initiated a "claim". If you expect to get merchandise exchanged then you must wait for that to occur - you don't get to get your money back until that happens - that is just not how business is transacted. If that is what you want then perhaps you need to explore escrow.
  13. Problem is Loganz if she posts the bag back & the seller is not honest then she has lost bag & money no way to reclaim but if she lodges claim with Paypal they will ensure the money is returned once she can provide proof that the bag was received by the seller. That is of course if they can reclaim the funds from the seller it doesn't always work that way.
  14. I am offering advice based on my knowledge of decent business practices.

    It is irresponsible for people to file claims without cause.

    You are assuming this is a shady seller - the seller may be honest.

    I reiterate, You cannot order from Neiman Marcus - recieve merchandise, send merchandise back for an exchange, but in the interim of waiting for new merchandise expect Neimans to give you your money back.

    Ultimately, if you feel like you are going to get ripped off then perhaps you should avoid doing business with sellers who inspire these feelings of mistrust. In the end, this mistrust spoils honest sellers and honest businesses; as people mistakenly think that a "claim" and/or a "chargeback" hurt no one.
  15. No seller is going to refund money without getting the bag back first.