Help: Does vintage kelly 28 have serial number like Birkin?

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  1. My 2019 Birkin has a serial number inside of my bag and this serial number matches the serial number in my receipt when I bought it in Hermes boutique.

    I don't own any Kelly. But thinking to purchase a vintage one. Do any of you know Kelly suppose to have the same serial number inside of the bag? Or only the newer ones have the serial number? Thank you!
  2. Only recent years have the letter year code and craftsman’s marks inside the bag (not a “serial number” per se, but I understand your meaning). The vintage Kelly will have these stamps on the inside of the front strap.
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  3. I have never seen a serial number on a birkin nor one on a Hermes store receipt. Can you upload some photos please? I would be interested in seeing them.
  4. Thank you! Exactly what I'm looking for!
  5. Sorry I can't upload receipt as I heard some people use this info to make replica bags. My Hermes Birkin that I bought from the Hermes boutique has the serial number on the receipt and that also matches the serial number inside of the bag. I believe all new Birkins should have them. I'm not sure about Kelly.
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    OP, It’s not a serial number, I think you are referring to the year mark + craftsman code? I have never seen any boutique receipt printed with matching codes (per your description). Maybe it’s a newer thing that H started doing?
    Anyone can confirm this for my own curiosity :rolleyes: thank you.
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  7. On my recent Birkin purchase there is no serial number on the receipt, just the normal color/leather/hardware codes that bear no relation to the stamp inside the bag.
    While I know this information is authenticity-adjacent, it seems like relatively publicly available information, so hoping someone can shed light on this.
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  8. I see. I'm not sure what these numbers called. I'd be curious to find out if the 2019 Kelly has one too. Or I have to wait to find out until I get offered one in the boutique. haha
  9. Same thing with both my Kellys so far this year, zero relation between blind stamp and receipt.
    Does anyone else have a stamp that matches their receipt?
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  10. Good to know! Can you see some numbers inside of the bag? Thank you!
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    All bags have a date stamp and craftsman/atelier code, which will be in varying places. There’s a thread in Reference on what the date stamps mean. But as already mentioned, this is completely different to a number that is on the receipt. Not sure what other information you are asking for, as you seem to have a unique situation.
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  12. Do you know if vintage kelly also has this craftsman/atelier code?
  13. As I stated previously, all Hermes bags have them. Bags from the 40s have these stamps. Here and there maybe a bag escaped stamping, no one knows why, but 99.9% are stamped.

    This information is readily available across the web; not sure what else you are looking for here....
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  14. Yes my newest SO has a serial number which matches.
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  15. Thank you! That is really good to know! Makes sense since my new Birkin has it too!
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