Help! Does this look like a defect or just a crease?

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  1. All,
    I could really use your opinions. Especially those of you who have any hard sided pieces (briefcase, trunk, watch case, etc.). I bought the hard sided watch case brand new. It literally came straight from the workshop in France. I haven't used it yet, but did open it a few times (to check it, show a few friends, etc.). Other than that, it's been sitting in the dustbag. I took it out tonight and noticed what appears to be a white line on the back where it creases when the box opens. I can't tell if it's a defect, just the crease, etc. It almost looks like glue seeped through or something. The inside lining is glued down. Thoughts? If anyone has a hard sided piece, does yours look the same way on the back crease? Pics welcome!! I've enclosed a few with different angles so you guys can see what I mean. Looks like I'll have to post the pics separately since I'm on my phone. Thanks!

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  5. I never had an LV hard case before but I would guess that it's a normal crease. I suppose that's the exact location of where it folds when the box is open?

    (Can you show the line when the box is open?)

    If I owned that case I would be "ok" with it and think, hey, at least it's even and straight... I don't know.. I could be wrong.. Perhaps wait for experts to chime in!

    PS - that is a beautiful piece. I had no clue LV makes them. I am very intrigued as this is something my husband and I can use.. -runs to check out the price-
  6. Thanks! It's truly stunning. Fits 8 watches. $6200 in the US. And yes, it's the exact location of where it folds when the box is open. When it's open, you can't really see the line because it folds in a bit over there. My first thought was it was just the crease, but because it looked white-ish when you look at it straight on, it made me a bit nervous. Thanks again for your opinion!
  7. Thank you for replying! You're sweet! I'm thinking of how to get my husband on board with it haha. He has been looking for a watch winder for his treasures.. and I like this more than a winder (because it's so pretty!) but of course he most likely won't agree :roflmfao:
  8. Lol, yeah, unfortunately it won't wind the watches, but it is a truly special piece. Let me know if you end up ordering one!
  9. They can replace canvas on the hard sided pieces. What would bother me more is the fact that the canvas is off-center on that side on such an expensive piece. The flowers on the top are closer to the edge than the flowers on the bottom are.
  10. In my opinion it is normal, I would say it is just a crease from where it folds. I don't think this crease can be avoided, I'm sure it would appear on all of these pieces where they open. I would keep my eye on it though and if you notice it getting worse or changing I would take it back.

    It's beautiful, I didn't know they made these.
  11. Looks like a normal crease where the box bends to open. My watch case is divided into the cover and box and breaks off where it opens but I think it would do the same thing if it was all covered with one piece of fabric.
  12. Curiosity got the better of me so I did a quick Google search too... First few results directly took me to the Rolex forum :lol:. Then found this pic on eBay. This looks to be a normal occurance... Beautiful piece tho!

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  13. My hubby said no. [emoji17]

    He said we need winders and not a "fancy box". I told him that if we get the LV box I can swing it around every night to wind the watches! [emoji23][emoji23]

    He wasn't amused. [emoji12]
  14. :roflmfao:
  15. This just made my day!!!:smile:
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