HELP!!! does this happen to your miu miu?

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  1. hi girls!!! i need some help!!!
    i just got my miu miu nappa spring satchel about a month ago, i used it for less than 10 times and the stitchings on one of the handles already came loose!!!! is this supposed to happen?!?!?!? i just got back from a trip and this happened during my trip so i haven't had the chance to bring my bag to Miu Miu and ask them about it, i'll do it first thing tomorrow!!!:crybaby::cry:

    i don't think whatever i carried inside was too heavy ( though i just admit it's not light), just the usual wallet, keys, makeup and all, does the stitchings on your miu miu bags comes loose? this is my only miu miu bag so i'm not sure if this is the QUALITY of miu miu bags or i'm just unlucky. and furthermore when i purchased the bag i asked the SA if there is warranty on the bag and she said no. what am i supposed to do ):
  2. I think your SA is fullabull! You should be able to get it exchanged or at the VERY least, a free repair job. Go to the store manager if the SA gives you any guff. :supacool:
  3. To be honest, Prada and Miu Miu's workmanship are really crappy. I have a Prada tote and 2 Miu Miu and the same thing happened to me. Since I bought them abroad, I can't bring them back for repair or questioning. But still, I love Miu Miu (sigh)
  4. I've not had any problems with mine although my Coffer clasp did squeak. The bag was sent back to Miu Miu and repaired. Under trading laws they have to sort it out so stand your ground - it's not fit for purpose if it starts coming apart.
  5. i've owned miu miu bags for years and they've always served me well without any signs of coming apart... yours sounds like an exclusive case. i would go back to the place you bought it and threaten to make a scene. for the kind of money we're putting down on these bags, you can't afford to let them get away with lame customer service and faulty workmanship. i would probably not mention that you took it on a trip, i would just say you've been wearing it normally. taking a bag on a trip brings to mind images of the bag being abused, thrown down on an xray machine, etc., etc., and it's better if the SA instead just pictures you wearing it normally, you know? anyway, good luck with everything!
  6. thanks girls! i brought it back to miu miu today and the SA told me he'll have to check with the store manager and get back to me, anyhows they do not have the same bag in store anymore so i'm not too sure what they'll do, they offered to repair it for me but i rather get a new piece instead of an old defective piece. i didn't mention the fact that i brought it on a trip and the SA told me that this is the first time he encountered such things, i hope the store manager calls me back by tomorrow if not i'm going to make a scene!!!!:cursing:

    i love miu miu bags and i'm using a miu miu wallet too but this kind of quality just makes me sick..i can buy a $10 bag and i'm pretty sure it won't fall apart after 5 uses. :mad::rant:
  7. Oh dear, I am so sorry to hear that. I bought my Miu Miu Coffer from NAP about 2 months ago and I love it, except that the leather scratches soooo easily. There are already some stains on the side (which thankfully aren't too obvious) so do be careful! Is yours in brown? Cos I brought it to a "bag beautician" and she said this bag is one of the hardest to maintain as the leather marks and stains very easily. Be careful when you're out in rainy weather and do not carry it with dark-coloured jeans if the jeans colour runs!
  8. shiny_hair, my bag is light brown, called camello, anw miu miu offered to give me an one to one exchange, however they don't have the same bag in stock anymore, so i have a choice of either topping up another $300 to get the same bag in black (apparently the new fall season, therefore diff colour, and hence diff price), or change to other bags in the store. i don't quite see any other bag that i like in the store and i don't feel like spending another $300 to get the SAME bag, just in a different colour, and i don't particularly LOVE the black, what should i do? i'll have to wait for 2 month if i want to get my old one repaired according to my SA.
  9. That's a bummer. How about a store credit so you can take your time and wait until there's another bag that you love. DON'T settle for the black if you don't love it, I speak from experience - you'll never be happy with it if you don't really like it.
    I'd tell them you want a store credit - after all the bag was defective - so you can choose something you really want.
  10. i don't think they'll offer me a store credit!! the BEST they could give me is an one to one exchange! do you think it's very off to get back the same damaged bag after it's repaired?? i really loved my nappa spring(the damaged one) but i'm just not too sure if the bag will be sturdy, even after repairing. what if the seams come loose again!
  11. For less than a month purchase, get your SA to get them repaired rather than settle for the black one. They should be reasonable enough to help you with this issue free of charge.
  12. If you love it, get it repaired at their cost. You should expect it to come back as new. If they stitch it properly there shouldn't be any problems. If it comes apart again take it back and raise merry hell!!