Help!~Does this happen to your bbag, too??

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  1. Hi, guys!! it has been a couple months since I joined the fabulous PurseForum,,, and after seeing everyone's yummy BBags, I just got my first one~a 06 Black city!!:yahoo:

    However, there's one little thing that bugs me. On the bottom trim of the front side, I can see some white spots there (due to peeling off of the black leather concealment I guess.) And it's relatively noticeable since my bag's black...Also, the edge of leather piping on the side is kind of flipped up a little already (If anyone understand what I am talking about), is there something I can do to fix it (I think I've read somewhere in the forum that leather glue would work?)

    I am wondering if this happens to other people's Cities as well?? or maybe am I just being too paranoid.... :wondering ARGHHH



  2. I didn't mean to make the font this big and bold... :noggin:
  3. Itslillian,yes,I was as surprised as you were,there are some white spots on my Work,exactly like yours.
    My bag has been purchased on a shop(name given by Balenciaga headquarter),'so no doubt about authenticity.
    But I think for a more than 1000 euros bag...:hrmm:
    Next time I'll go to Paris I'll show this to Bal. shop.I've called a SA,she works for the customer service.
    Don't use glu on your bag!!!I'm sure with a black pen you can "cancel"(sorry for my english!"dry"?)these white spots
    Anyway,the leather of your City is absolutely gorgeous!!!!
  4. If Bal can't do anything about it, you cold try some leather paint from your local shoe / leather repairer. You just apply it with a cotton tip or thin tipped artists brush and it works a treat! You can even use it on worn corners by rubbing in a little with your finger. I have done this on a Blueberry Work recently. I even found the exact colour paint!
  5. I agree with KDC, you could do that... And let me tell you, your city has incredible leather, yummy!
  6. I was just thinking the same as danae!!! The leather is amazing!!!!!
  7. The leather is yummy!!!! I'd try a sharpie or the things listed above, but keep the bag!!!
  8. this happened to some of my 05 bags, apparently its the batch problem?! (correct me if wrong!)
  9. Thanks, everyone! Thanks for your advices ( I think I'll go to my local shoe repair shop and see if there's any thing they can do) and compliments on my bag~ I love her too:blush: (my bf said I treat my bbag like a baby, haha) so soft and really is unlike any other bags that I've ever had!

    The picture actually made the leather looks better than IRL though. The leather is really soft, but not fluffy enough...I hope it'll get thicker and "smooshier" with use :smile:
  10. the leather of your bag is gorgeous! i would go to a leather repair, even a shoe repair place, and have them fix it for you - don't glue the bag yourself! maybe even some shoe polish might work, but that stuff does tend to smell.

    gorgeous bag either way - so smooshy looking!
  11. KDC, which brand and color did you find to match blueberry? TIA!
  12. I have an 07 city and didn't notice it until now that I have the same problem. I've only had it 3 months, so I don't know if it has always been there. The white areas show on the front and back. When I purchased the bag, the SA went to the back because there weren't any in the drawers at NM. I wonder if I got a return or reject? I never got a box with my purchase either. I guess I don't understand how such an expensive bag can have this type of thing happen to it? Grrrr! :wondering
  13. My magenta also has some, don't worry :okay:

    BTW, is it ok to use black pen to cover it?? I used to do for my black city too. :tispy:
  14. About the spot.. I agree with the above posts. Would also like to add that I don't think it's very noticable - I had to really stare to see what you were talking about... I was too distracted by that amazing leather :drool:
  15. Both of my cities are like that and I've noticed it on a lot of other ones. I think it's pretty common but it kind of bugs me. I've thought about using a sharpie on my black city but I'm too scared to do it!