HELP!!! Does this dound like a scam?

  1. This morning when I checked my email I saw that someone had hit the BIN on one of my auctions:

    So I send the invoice and I get this back:

    I will be sending payment of [FONT=arial,sans-serif]US $125.00 via [FONT=arial,sans-serif]Money Order/CashierCheck[/FONT] shortly. [/FONT]Pls get back to me so we can arrange shipping or pick up. Thanks

    So I write:

    Everything looks correct to me. You have my mailing address. I will ship out the shoes when I receive the money order. I will ship to the address listed below unless I hear otherwise. I'm curious, did you get them as bridal shoes or special occasion? Either way congrats, these are beautiful pumps!
    I will be looking out for the money order.
    Take care,

    Then when I get home I have this message send over and over 4 times:


    I just bought your item on eBay as i am buying this for my son in the UK. Payment will be made via U S Cashiers Check or Money Order and will be sent you via Fedex Express Next Day Delivery or UPS Next Day as i will be living for Germany in the next few days.The payment (Check)will contain some extra money which you will help me get across to the shipper as we have arranged with a shipper to come and pick up the item from your address.

    I have few questions to ask you:

    1. Will you be able to cash the check the sameday?
    2. Will you be available when the shipping agency will come for the pick up.
    3. Will you be able to help me get the extra money sent to the shipper upon cashing the check?
    4. Is the condition of the item the same as described in the auction.
    5. I will need you to email me the Name and Address including a cell phone number where you want the check sent.

    As soon as you get back to me with all this details,i will have the check sent to you via


    I need a response from you asap today.


    Okay, what the heck kind of scame would this be? The user was new with 0 feedback, and when I looked at my eBay just now I noticed that they are no longer a registerd user. WTH???:wtf::wtf:
    What do you guys think?
  2. I don't like this.... at all. Sounds sooooooo weird, like they have a pre-scripted e-mail.

    I would accept the check, but DO NOT SHIP until it is verified clear. Seriously, I bet it's a fake check.
  3. Plus, it's weird that someone would COME TO YOUR HOUSE.
  4. ^Seriously right? I mean I have a job, I can't be waiting for a "shipping carrier" to come pick up a package at my home. I'm not giving out all that personal info! Too scary! Now I'm scared because they have my home address! Eeek!
  5. This totally sounds like a scam!! If it were me I would definitely report it, and probably call the police!! There is no way in the world that I would give this person my address - or do they already have access to it through eBay? How scary :wtf:!!
  6. It's a scam, I think this particular one has been posted here before. They're using you as an intermediate to get cash to someone else. If they have enough money to pay for someone to pick up the shoes from your house with a big bonus, they have enough money to buy a new pair of shoes rather than trolling ebay. I would stay away from this.
  7. If pick up was an option, you would have stated it on your listing. I wouldnt like this..
  8. No no no no no. Report this person to ebay, now!
  9. So what do I do? Do I just forward messages to ebay? Can I cancel the transaction? There is no way I can get my fees back can I?
  10. SCAM ALERT!!

    There are documented scams involving cashiers checks or money orders that are sent for more than the transaction with a request that the extra money be sent back. By the time you find out the money order or cashier's check is fraudulent you have already sent the funds. I think there is information on the scams on the US postal service web site.

    The haste with which they want to move is one of the clues. Because of the nature of money orders and cashiers checks it can take some time for the bank to verify that they are fake.

    I would either run like h*** away from this transaction or e-mail them them you cannot send anything until the bank has confirmed that the check is valid and that you cannot and will not return any funds to them so it has to be for the exact amount of the transaction and nothing can be picked up. I bet you hear nothing back or they will ask you why and whine, etc.
  11. You can do the live chat with the costomer service on ebay.

    Show them the mail you got, they will help you out.

    Good luck!!
  12. I'm sorry to say, but this looks like a scam. I've received messages/emails in the same format as a seller also.

    Sometimes there are scams where the 'buyer' will include overpayments and ask you to wire transfer them back the difference. Very weird, indeed.
  13. Your buyer is already NARU'd on ebay and that's a common scam. Just report to ebay and you should be able to relist for free
  14. Hi, just wanted to mention that this is a common scam that people experience selling on Craig's list. A friend of mine had several responses of this kind. Stay well away!!
  15. Thanks guys! I was so creeped out! I'm glad that I'm not crazy. I'll get in touch with ebay.:heart: