HELP: Does the factory shop sell the following?

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  1. A snake poppy at £399? Not the regular one but the snake one. If anyone knows, please let me know. It is important to know if someone is trying to scam me or not.
  2. Not that relevant but earlier on e-bay a seller quoted buying a ledbury at Shepton Mallet and claimed they had a receipt etc - it was fake !
    Think they are getting cleverer and cleverer - or is that more devious !
  3. I think someone is trying to scam me into lowering the price to snap it up. :cursing:
  4. noooo. They have snake a4 Roxanne Totes and they are £600 odd, so no way would they sell a snake Poppy for £399 unless it was perhaps damaged?
  5. Thank you so much for clearing that up! The nerve of some people :nogood: I really didn't fancy spending the evening brooding on that, thanks for the help :hugs:
  6. MiuMiow, that is exactly what they're trying to do. That kind of buyer is best avoided.
  7. Hate it when this happens, I always response - fine you should go buy that bag then ;)

    Often they will email you and then get somebody else to email you about the price, just to make you start doubting yourself!
    You know what the bag is worth and what it cost, so do not give these awful scammers another minutes thought.