Help! Does Monogram chip???

  1. :cursing: my new used Bh has some chip marks? small but there? Is this normal? my babylone doesn't have any and it is vintage leather inside..
  2. Can you take pictures?
  3. They are so small they will not show- it's almost like little pin pricks, underneath is a light red. It's like there is a problem with the canvas when you look close..I see 13 on one side alone...
  4. I'm still a bit confused on what you mean by chipping. I've heard of cracking but I don't think that's what you're talking about.
  5. No~ if you look at the canvas it's like pinpricks of a red color. very small and not noticeable unless you scruntize...but I do let me try for a pic...
  6. Oh, I see. Did you take it to the LV store yet? That's odd I thought that the LVs were printed over the brown canvas. Maybe it's the other way around and its chipping away. Either way, the bag is authentic so just take it to LV and see what they say. They may send it to QC or if it's a known problem then they'll figure out something with it =]

  7. I appreciate your help... I started panicking:wtf: I would be so embarrassed to bring it in and they tell me it's a fraud. Will they look at/QC a bag without a receipt?

    It smells like LV~ It's hard to compare the canvas of this bag to stiffer models (alma/babylone)
  8. if you take it in and they say its a fake, then at least you know you've bought a fake and can ask for a refund from the seller (depending on how long ago you bought this bag) but i suggest taking it in anyways... they wont ask for a receipt, as long as its authentic, they'll look at it.. :smile:
  9. Mmmm....never seen a 'chipped' canvas. I've scuffed the pipping of my Pochette though, here's a pic.

    Is there a LV near where you live? I'll recommend you bring it in and show it to them.:yes: They don't need receipt, as long as it's real they'll have a look at it.
  10. You are Not going to believe this! I rubbed my fingernail of the red spots and they come Off! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    It Must have been something they packaged the bag in! I was afraid to take my nail to it...but after giving a good rub on 2 is gone. ThAnK God! Thanks all for trying to help a dumb blonde figure this one out....:shame:

    I am mortified. Really I do have 2 graduate degrees...humiliating:shame: Thanks!
  11. :lecture: :lol: I'm glad it came off!:sweatdrop: ;)
  12. Yay!!! Glad it turned out okay afterall!!! :yahoo: