Help! Does Hermes Use Plastic on Hardware???

  1. Yes, they absolutely do. :smile:
  2. All brand new H bags come with plastic film on the hardware to protect from scratches.

    But if I'm not wrong, someone in the Authenticate thread identified this bag as a fake. I'm not sure, pls do check before you make any bids.
  3. Yeah, something about that zipper looks off. The stitching on the lower part looks too straight.
  4. Yes, the bag in the auction above is definitely fake.
  5. Yes, but be careful. there are different types of plastic, colors, & where they are placed. Also the price should not be too outrageous!
  6. Thank just amazes me that a person would call it authentic and it not be! Karma will get them....there must be a "fake bag hell" for them!
  7. The asking price alone if too good to be true and you know how the the saying goes...
  8. does anyone know if the hermes store themselves authenticate birkins?...i want to buy one on eBay, it states authentic w/ money back guarantee but with hermes store stating its authenticity...if anyone can help ne i would greatly appreciate it...thanks a lot
  9. The sellers of fakes all say that, because they know that NO Hermes store will authenticate and they will put nothing in writing.
  10. What about the 55000.00 ones listed on ebay??? With that amount of money I would just go straight to Hermes....I saw some listed with diamonds on the they really make that??