Help - Does Hermes Paris accept Visa?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I would appreciate any information anyone has. I ordered a Birkin in France and it has arrived. They are willing to hold it for me for my arrival however the store (it's in a small town in France) is saying they will not accept Visa as a form of payment. Is this really true? The salesperson is suggesting a wire transfer, Amex or Diners I the only one who this seems odd to?

    Thank you for any information you may have!

  2. Yes, my understanding is that if you are NOT physically present during the payment, they will only accept AMEX.

    If you are shipping overseas, they should automatically deduct VAT for you and you only need to wire the remainder.
  3. They will only accept Visa/Mastercard if you're physically in the store.

    Otherwise, if it's a charge send, they will require Amex, as hanyeu has pointed out.
  4. ^ Absolutely right!

    Babe, I love your new avatar btw!
  5. Thanks! I love it too - found it off the internet.
    I am secretly wishing Hermès would do a bicycle just like that :P
  6. ^^ I would love to see you on it! Sorry OT!