Help! Does anyone know who makes this purse?

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  1. I love this bag! Does anyone know the brand and where to get it?

  2. Are you that chick who used to post in the "Deals and Steals" thread about how your husband wanted you to do weird things and wear strange clothing in a hot tub or something like that? And there was right underneath it a link to some site called like or something like that? Heh.
  3. Uhm yeah to "Gung" or whatever no weirdo!
    I thought this was a purse forum shouldn't you find a different kinda forum for yourself?!
  4. Thanks Lunnasky!

    They have cute things but I don't see this purse.
  5. I cannot remember the name of the maker, but have seen IRL and was impressed w/the leather, but NOT the hardware. It's light and IMO cheap hardware. The chains are not solid and the edges are NOT smooth, so you can get your hair caught, it can scratch your skin if you rub up against it - AND it's not an inexpensive bag.
    Sorry for the critique, but something you would never know until you see it IRL.
  6. cute bag.
  7. Looks really nice. Sorry to hear that the hardware is crappy ... Hate it when my hair gets caught... Ouch!