Help! Does anyone know where I can get a Red Caviar Timeless Clutch?

  1. I really want one!!! Are they all sold out? Please, anyone know? Thanks! :smile:
  2. OOh that's a hard one. I remember some members getting one back in August or July from Damien at Saks. I know there are lambskin clutches floating around NM but have not heard of caviar ones in a while. The Chanel boutiques seemed to have never carried them or they sold out really fast. Good luck!
  3. Call Laura 301-657-9000, Saks Chevy Chase MD. She got one for me on Saturday, they had just gotten a shipment in. Tell her Jo Ann sent you!
  4. Good luck. I got one from Saks a few weeks ago and my SA said I had gotten the last one Saks had in the country. It is great that they got some more. I LOVE the red almost as much as I love the white, but I will use it more than a white one.
  5. I called her. She was very sweet! Unfortunately there are none left at any Saks :sad:
  6. Haha I did. They only order the Red Lambskin one :sad:
  7. Oh, I'm a bit of a tool! I totally scanned over the "caviar" part. I saw the red lambskin while I was on vacation there and almost bought it. I'm sorry about that!
  8. I am going crazy trying to find this bag! I contacted Damian from Saks and he was soooo nice! He's trying to find one for me.

    Has ANYONE seen one at any store? Pleaaaaaase :tender:
  9. I am still searching with no luck! If ANYONE knows, I would be grateful. Thanks!