Help! Does anyone know where I can find...

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  1. a charcoal BW MAB (like Loquita's, but she has a MAM, and I'm looking for the MAB version), otherwise I want this bag... can anyone help me with either or? and I'm definitely getting a purseket this time or some type of organizer... thanks in advance!
  2. The bag in the pic you posted is not available yet (I think maybe for Holiday?).
  3. ok, do you know who will be selling it besides I know luna boston isn't going to carry that bag, I already asked... they are gonna be getting in a navy luxe combo in a MAB... they decided on navy instead of the light gray that they are getting in.... :crybaby:
  4. Hm, not sure. Are you specifically looking to pre-order or can you wait until the bag is actually released? I'm sure it'll be a LOT easier to find then.
  5. Yeah I mean I can wait, just thought I would ask :P
  6. ^^ Definately check w/ Amy at threesirens - she's amazing to work with and has been able to get most bags on pre-orders. That's where I got my French Tote.
  7. Would you know her email off hand?
  8. Thanks woman! :tup: