Help-Does anyone know where I can find similar earrings?? (PIC)

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I absolutely love love these earrings?? They don't have to be diamonds at all, any nice gemstone will do. I'll also like for them to have a clip or omega back as I think those look better with bigger earrings. Any Ideas anyone!!

    The second and third links are some alternatives I found but I really love the first one and can't find them anywhere. Help Me!:drool:
    Earrings.jpg EArrings3.jpg EArrings4.jpg
  2. The attachment at the bottom is the one I'm looking for, the other two are just alternatives. :smile:
  3. Some similar from Amazon:

    If you're okay with cz, I remember seeing one from qvc:

  4. [​IMG]

  5. Thanks a bunch cola262, I love the blue ones, I'll search for diamond harmony on google, now I just pray they are clips or omega backs. :smile:
  6. ive seen similar earrings like the brown quartz you have above on eBay.. i will post the links when i can find them later =)
  7. Please do, I want them!! :smile:
  8. so i found these on the fortunoff's website and i think they're strikingly similar with a clip back :p


    but also quite pricey at $10,500.
  9. for a much more affordable variation, although i wouldnt really call it similar, these drop earrings are available in a bunch of different stones at|t305&prop=Earrings|171&prop=Gold|294&catprop=294&itemsperpage=99&track=294&cm_re=SearchList-_-N-_-N

    they're on clearance for $200 and they're lever back and very pretty i think

  10. Oh my, exactly what I want and just GORGEOUS...also gorgeously expensive:crybaby:. Gosh, I love em. ;)
  11. These are lovely too but sold out in every color but the white quartz. Well, we tried anyway, thanks so much. :smile: