Help! does anyone know what I should do?

  1. As I said in a previous post an eBay account I opened 4 yrs ago and never used had been hijacked, I received loads of emails about activity on it that wasn't me, I couldn't remember the password and so couldn't close it.

    I contacted Customer Services who told me to type in account theft and then live chat. I spoke to someone who told to fax my driving licence and a bill to them to prove who I was and they would close the account.

    In the meantime I looked at the account on the search bit and it said no longer a registered user. Anyway I faxed the stuff on Monday and everyday this week I have been trying to sort it out to no avail. Live help reckoned they couldn't close the account and the account when searched seemed to hav been opened again. I said that fraudulent things were being done in my name and that they thief had all my personal details and still I was told they didnt have my fax as it can take a week to verify info and that they couldnt help me.

    I then contacted customer services again who thought I wanted to close down my account I have used since that one and I dont want to close it down and obviously didnt read any of my emails.

    I am getting so so angry, I have cut a lot out to make it shorter, does anyone know if there is a telephone number for eBay?

    How can such a big company with access to people's money etc not by law have a telephone number on their site, it is so so infuriating!
  2. I looked and couldn't find a phone number. Maybe try Live Help again?