help! does anyone know the name of ..

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  1. A french brand (or possibly italian), one word, name begins with P, possibly Pet... or Pev... about 8 letters... ended in an "s" (I think..).

    I saw the most gorgeous bag today at TJMaxx, put it on hold, and wanted to google. Now, I can't remember the name.

    Bag was wonderful leather, bright red. Inside, had a chartreuse green lining with a stylized horsehead logo...

    Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. I know TJ Maxx has a number of Petusco bags - they are made in Spain... and they do have a horse logo. Check out eBay - there's a really pretty red one that shows the logo on the dangling fob...
  3. I love you. That's it! Thank you!
  4. Ah now, that's a lovely thing to see! You're quite welcome!