Help! Does anyone know anything about this teddy bear pendant from The Franklin Min?!


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Jun 12, 2015
I aquired this from my great-great aunt when I was little. It's a little over a centimetre, golden teddy bear with a silver bow and a ruby on it. Does anybody know anything about this little bear? It says The Franklin Mint on the box it came with.


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the only thing I know about franklin min are his porcelain sculptures like his cinderella and snow white stuff...and also princess diana figurines..he was quite popular then because his works was really can google about him and see his works..i didnt know that he does jewelry though
The franklin mint is a company that sells dolls, jewelry, coins, collectibles, etc

Not sure what the previous poster is talking about, it's not an actual designer.
Cute pendant! The Franklin Mint sold a wide variety of collectibles like figurines, collector's plates, coins, jewelry, etc. through magazine ads and mail order inserts in the 1970s and later. You can find Franklin Mint teddy bear pendants similar to yours on ebay. Although I think yours is much nicer. The listings claim that it's from 1978.

According to one of the ebay listings:
"Limited Edition pendant and chain, created in 1978 in honor of
the 75th Anniversary of the American "teddy bear", named for our president,
Theodore Roosevelt, because of the story of him saving a bear by not shooting him."

By the way, here is a Franklin Mint wrist watch which appears to coordinate with your pendant:
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Thank you everyone for the replies. I have tried everything from googling, checking ebay etc. but I can't find an exact Teddy as mine. I do want to mention that I'm not entirely sure if the box I have for my pendant is the original. The search continues!
I came across your post recently but notice it is quite a few years old now so may no longer be relevant.

The teddy bear pendant you were asking about is part of the Heirloom collection range by Franklin mint.
It dates from the 1970's and is gold plated silver.

Hope this helps