Help! Does anyone have this top from VS?

  1. I want to place my order today but before I do I wanted to know if anyone has this and knows how it fits? I can't decide between the XS and S. I'm a size 2 in nanette lepore tops and and S in juicy hoodies if that helps. I know that VS clothing tends to run big but I just wanted to make sure before I go ahead and order. =) :heart:

  2. Sorry I can't be of help but it's very cute!!

    Did you try their size chart? Maybe you could compare your own measurements with theirs and figure out which size would suit you better.
  3. ^thanks anyways. I think i'll just go with the xs.
  4. That's a cute top. They do run big.
  5. Unless you're very busty, I say go with the XS. VS clothes run big IMO!
  6. They do run big! And everything is too low cut. I used to order stuff from them, but always ended up sending most of it back. That top is cute, tho!