help! does anyone have the style# of the cert or cerf tote w/ the CC lock?

  1. i ionly found the style# for the mademoiselle lock in the reference library...thanks! oh, by the way, what is the current price? thanks
  2. the price is $1850, don't know the style # tho

    Boutique in Chicago had one in Beige yesterday
  3. thanks.
    anyone else knows the style#? and also there were two sizes, what are the prices and sizes for each? thanks in advance
  4. the smaller/shorter version I THINK (from my research) only came in the mademoiselle lock not the CC lock and only came in Silver HW. also the not so nice SA at the boutique yesterday said the shorter size is not in production right now

    Hope this helps! oh, and I think the price was $1695
  5. lol, not so nice SA?
    so are they the same price? the cc lock and the mademoiselle lock? have u seen them irl at all?
  6. LOL! my daughter says this SA "scares her" she is NOT friendly AT ALL! My SA wasn't there and she just came up to me and tried selling me a bag ... more like she "orders" you to "take it"!

    ANYWAY ... I did see both the mademoiselle lock and the cc lock bags and I believe they were the same price, $1850. They only had Beige in the cc lock but I tried on both and they were the same size - I really liked them! They weren't as huge as I thought from pics! I prefer the cc lock myself - it is Gold on the Black bag where the mademoiselle lock is Silver.
    This is definitely on my wish list!
  7. sorry about ur bad experience, the bag is on my list too, but i can only find the mademoiselle lock in canada so far, that's why i'm trying to find the style# for the cc lock so SA can look it up. thanks for the info
  8. here ya go! this should be for the Black Cerf Tote w/gold CC lock

  10. :flowers: Good Luck!!