Help!!! Does anyone have a pic of the bowler from the luxury line in RED???

  1. hi all, just wanted to see what the red color looked like in the luxury line for the bowler! thanks!!:heart:
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Borrowed from somewhere - eBay? I can't remember.

  4. :heart::heart::heart::yahoo: THANK YOU so much!!! I really appreciate it!!!
  5. I saw the petit red at NM in San Francisco and the medium red at the Chanel boutique, if anyone needs one! At the Chanel boutique they also had the grand black deerskin.
  6. Did you happen to notice if the black deerskin had a shiny finish or a matte finish?
  7. From what I remember, the deerskin had a shiny finish, like the Cerf Tote. I really liked the deerskin a lot because it seemed more durable (I'm a total klutz and paranoid of scratching it).
  8. Oh, thank you so much Honu! I'm so glad to hear that!! :biggrin: