Help! Does anyone have a pic of the Berry Blake?

  1. Is it a nice color for all year round? For $500 is it worth getting? :confused1: This will be my first MJ bag.

    My big worry is if it will be versatile :push:

    BTW, it has silver hardware :drool:
  2. $500? I'd buy it lol
  3. Is it a versatile color though? I tried looking for a pic of it on the board and no luck :s Does anyone own a Berry Blake?
  4. That's a great deal!
    I think berry is a really pretty color, and extremely versatile as well.
    I don't have a pic of a berry blake, but here's one of a berry MP that was posted earlier this week:
  5. I think as a blake it would look stunning. Blakes run high in price because they're highly desired, so $500 isn't bad if the bag is guaranteed authentic, even better if it's new.
  6. I think the Blake is pretty in ANY color. I am a HUGE fan of the Blake and am all for anyone getting one! I hope you got it!
  7. I don't have a berry Blake but this is my berry Anouck that I had a long time ago.
  8. Love the berry color. And for $500? I'd totally get it!
  9. Eh, I passed on it. But I did get a small MJ MP in Brick Red :smile:
  10. Where did you see the berry blake?..Just saw your post on the brick mp (congrats again!!)..Did you see it at Bloomies?
  11. Nope, the Berry Blake was at a NR in IL. I had it on hold Sat but I decided not to get it. There number is 847-413-2121. I spoke with Angie. Maybe they still have it tomorrow?
  12. Thanks so much for posting the tip! I called this morning and ordered a Venetia in Berry (with silver hardware!) This will be my first Venetia, and I'm really excited. Enjoy your multipocket!!
  13. No problem! Now if I can find a Blake in a different color... :p
  14. Hey everyone- I just got back from Nordstroms Rack here in Gaithersburg, MD off of Shady Grove and they have 3 Berry MJ bags there in 3 different sizes (smaller, medium and large blake). The prices ranged from 349-449 for the large in case anyone is interested; I am sure you can call them- 301-527-1133- they def. were pretty! They also had a smaller blake in the denim blue color.

  15. Thanks for the heads up but I just called and they don't have any more MJ :crybaby: Maybe next time...