HELP - Does anyone have a Gucci abbey 130736


    Does anyone have this bag. If ayone has pictures of a authentic one for comparison. In particular I'm interested in the tag and inside of the bag. Also, it seems like it's two pieces of fabric on the bottom. Is that how it is supposed to be. I just purchased this and the seller has wonderful feedback and only gets stock every couple of weeks. I've been checking. She usually has the same bags each time she receives an order.
  2. I just sold my Abbey in the MP, but the one you linked isn't the Abbey I had.
  3. Here's some from mine:
    DSCF0931compress.jpg DSCF0942compress.jpg DSCF0919compress.jpg
  4. Thanks for the pictures. I will definately compare when I receive the bag.
  5. Did someone call teh bag you linked an 'Abbey'? I'm curious as mine was an Abbey{?}
  6. On ebay they called it abbey lingoto. Some sellers just called it Abbey. Maybe their are different versions of the abbey bag. Or maybe people on ebay give the bags a new name. Not sure, but I really like your bag. Why'd you sell it anyway?