Help! Does anyone else own a Kooba Renee?

  1. I received my much anticipated Kooba Renee today from NM. I have no doubt that my Sienna and Nisha are authentic...however I am very concerned about some differences with the Renee. (I do not have a NM anywhere close to me). For those of you who own a Renee I have a few questions and I would greatly appreciate your help. In the description it states: "Brass hardware with tinted nickel finish." All of the metal plates including the zipper, rivets and snap are shiny, not "dark and dull" on my other Kooba bags. The words Kooba do not have the dark lettering but are all shiny, inside and out. The leather is really nice and soft, squishy but not heavy weight like the Sienna. It also does not have quite the same smell as my other two bags. But the leather is distressed..(and I have read in other threads that this bag feels lighter weight.) For those of you who have this bag, does this description match yours...or anyone else that has a Kooba bag? I'm sorry that this question is so long but I wanted to be as detailed as possible. Could I have gotten a "switcher-roo?" Oh, my...I certainly hope not. Many thanks to all you handbag experts, Ciatta
  2. holding my breath here for you - Elaine
  3. Many thanks, am I. Any Kooba experts, please....
  4. I don't have a Renee but it is an older release. Kooba does change around things with new seasons. I have seen One sided flat cards (no booklet) on bags, and I have seen different inside zippers on older bags (even vinyl ones on inner zips). Some inner zip pulls are leather on completley authentic bags. I would write to Kooba and see if you can get some info.
  5. Hi Lexie,
    Many thanks for your reply and also for the info. It is alittle reasssuring that not all Koobas fit a "set standard mode" and that there are some variations. With your lovely collection of bags you're certainly "in the know". I will take your advice and see what I can find out. Thanks again.
  6. hi ciatta,

    i did not get mine yet but it is scheduled to arrive today. i'll check mine and get back to ya!
  7. Hi LoVe23,
    Wonderful, many thanks for your reply. Let's hope that they are both a-ok. I'll look for you later...Ciatta
  8. Hi ciatta and welcome! I have the Kooba Renee. I bought it from Your description sounds just like my Renee so I'm pretty sure it's authentic :smile: !
  9. ok i'm back with the bag that i just received and mine is the same as your description as well! (you do mean that Renee has shiny "kooba" and zippers right?) the bag is really light and the leather is distressed. i love it!
  10. Wonderful!I thank you all so much for your replies and for your warm welcome (as I breathe a "sigh" of relief). It is a beautiful bag, that's true, and now even more so. I work a 16 hr. shift tomorrow (caring for the elderly) so I'm thrilled to taking all my "things" in my new addition. You have all been so much help and it is very much appreciated. It's nice to be here.
  11. You're welcome, ciatta :flowers: ! Enjoy your beautiful bag!