Help, does any one know where i can find the Giant Sandstone Day?

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  1. Girls, i need help.:sos: I have to have the Giant Sandstone Day. :hysteric:Call me crazy but I have to have it.:sweatdrop: BalNY, Saks, NM, and Barney's don't have it. :crybaby:Have you seen one any where and do you know where i can find one? Any help is appreciated.:heart:
  2. Some Nordstroms carry Bbags have you tried there? can't think of anywhere else right now
  3. Which ones? :shrugs:
  4. I have no idea which ones, maybe you could call their head office and ask.
  5. Sacramento,CA Nordstroms has Balenciaga bags.
  6. Oh Nanaz, I definitely have to have this bag. It is so gorgeous. There was one on ebay recently. Did it sell already? I'm going to look now. It's sold. Have you checked Barney's or BalNY?
  7. Yeah that one sold about a week ago. I have been looking for one myself and cant seem to find it. Bal Ny had it about 10 days ago.
  8. this is also one of my favourite GH bags.

    I recall trying it on at Balny a while back and my eyes popped out of their sockets.
  9. OMG that sounds painful:roflmfao: sorry I couldn't resist
  10. Nanaz, FIND THIS BAG, do you hear me!? :yahoo:
  11. Yes I got it and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I am in Europe and am looking for it as well, no one has it. I have tried a few shops. They keep trying to pawn a hobo off on me instead of the day, or they try to convince me that natural or white is betteer, when ALL I WANT IS A SANDSTONE DAY GH. Its very annoying when SA's think that a bag is a bag, if you cant find what you want then just take something else...

    Anyway NANAZ, I am with you on this one! We shall find our bags!

  13. Oh lucky you! I had seen it and then got swamped with work and when I went back it was gone. Same with Bal NY, it was there and then when I called about it, it was gone.

    Nanaz and I will find our bags, I have hope.......
  14. I know and I LOVED it. The assistant said; but you have the caramel day already so... its a bit too similar maybe colour wise'

    And me like a lame a** donkey said 'yeah thats true'

    :confused1: wtf is wrong with me sometimes.
  15. I called everywhere looking w/ no luck.
    A member here listed on ebay w/ a buy it now.
    Couldn't resist!

    It's beautiful. It's my fav right now!