HELP! Do you think I should sell my Batignolles Horizontal?

  1. I don't love it! I just don't love it but I've only had it for a few months? Should I just sell it on eBay and get something I'll really love? I just hate the thought of spending hundreds on a bag I don't REALLY love. :sad:
  2. If you don't love it, then yes, SELL IT! Get something that you DO love!
  3. I agree, no sense in being unhappy with your bag! Get something else you love instead!
  4. Agree with the ladies, sell it....
  5. Sell it! If you don't love it within a couple of weeks - and certainly within a couple of months - you're not ever going to be totally happy with it. Spend the $$$ on something you really do adore!
  6. if you don't love it, might as well sell it. there's no point in holding on to something you don't like! since its been months that you've had it but you haven't fallen in love with it yet then i suppose it's time to say goodbye to it...
  7. Absolutely. Don't keep something you don't like. Definately get something you want. You shouldn't force yourself to like something.
  8. actually, I'm selling my Batignolles Vertical that I bought 2 weeks ago! I just don't love it...and I'd rather have what I really love! So I say, YES, sell it!!!!!
  9. I always say - if you don't love it now, you probably won't. If it doesn't make you want to carry it almost everyday, I'd sell it. That said, I don't think we're allowed to start threads of this nature.
  10. You've asked before if you should sell it and if you haven't changed your mind by now, I doubt you will. Sell it and get something you'll use.
  11. I sold my regular batignolles recently. Just didnt love it after a few days!!! :yucky: I truly regret that purchase. Sell yours while its still new!
  12. Sell and get something you love.:yes:
  13. My BH is going away soon too (hopefully!!!), I also believe you can't keep a bag your not in love with...tho I am so fickle!
  14. If your gonna spend a lot of money on a bag then you should LOVE it.

    So I say definitely sell it and get something else that you will cherish.
  15. you should sell it and get a bag that you will love