HELP! Do you have the soft twisted leather handle MAHINA?

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  1. Hi there, I am trying to find out if anyone owns an LV MAHINA XL with soft twisted leather handles (not the rigid leather handles) ? I have tried to find it on the official LV site but they only have 4 MAHINA styles none of which have the soft twisted leather handles? The bag I am trying to find also had a leather frill around the top (if that makes sense!). Any and all info gratefully received!

    Many thanks! :yes:
  2. Hi
    Welcome to the forum .. do you mean the nimbus GM from the olympe range?? I have the stratus (see photo below) and my mahina is behind it:yes:

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  3. Hi there, I love your Olympe Stratus! I have had my eyes on this for a while but not sure how they feel carried on your shoulder since it has bulky straps.

    Can you share the goods and bad of this bag please? :smile:

    Thanks for your input in advance!
  4. The shoulder strap from this line is extremely soft and comfortable. Hope that helps.