Help Do You Guys Like This Bag I Cant Decide I Think I Love It:i Dont Want 2 B Wrong

  1. I have a chance at a great buy and i usually dont like LV but the EPI leather line intrigues me!!
    i have a chance at a great buy but im scared that i think i like it but wont :sad:
    HELP I NEED OPINIONS!!!!!!!!!!!
    [​IMG]:s :s :confused1: :confused1: :yahoo:
  2. i have been admiring it for at least 2 weeks and i liked it this whole time but i still get anxious about if ill like it! HELP!
  3. It's a beautiful color!
  4. do you like it? or just like the color :smile: i have to like the over all package and im just SOOOO TORN!!
  5. Petit noe is a great bag. It's good as a daily bag too... space is roomy and very comfortable to wear. I also love the color. Besides, it's an LV... it's good for investment - you will still have a good $$$ if you get bored later in the future. Overall, I think you won't regret if you get it... I won't :yes:
  6. It's really pretty!:love: I love non-logo LVs!:yes:
  7. Love, love, LOVE the bicolor Petite Noe! Gorgeous! There are whole threads dedicated to Noe love in the LV forum (which you probably already know). If you are waffling, those threads will convince you how great a bag it is!
  8. see thats my thing is i dont like LV mono and im scared of LV in general cause i regretted the other purchases and sold them off but this one i think i really like and its a good buy like really good !! and shes putting in a purskeet and some other goodies shes super cooL!

    so basically i feel like maybe i should im just so scared to regret it

    is is a good bag to carry? like does it look and feel good on the body?! or is it awkward to carry? cause its a differnt shape!!! THANKS! :smile:
  9. haha thanks hautemama i never really go to the LV forum cause most stuff i dont like BUT I LOVE THE EPI and so no im thinking i should def start reading it!
  10. Ooh, it's sooo gorgeous! :nuts:
  11. the myrtille (sp) is gorgeous.
    its not my style, honestly, but its a bag that looks fabulous on and isn't on EVERYBODY"S arm, y'know?
    go with what you know.
  12. I love the color but personally am not a fan of drawstring bags. Also, before you take the plunge, you're sure it's authentic right???
  13. yep positive! :smile: that i know so thats not a fear just if i like it ,,,

    i only have one drawstring bag the anna corinna and i like it but its different less structured AH haha i have to decide by like tomorrow! crud!
  14. im personally not a fan of the noe style, and i think there was something in the LV forum about how the noe has a lower resell value than like the other bags (i.e. batignolles horizontal)...i think i read that...anyway, it's not really about the resell value, it's just about how much you love it! the color is GORGEOUS, and if you're used to drawstring and you love epi, the answer is obvious! GET IT!!! :graucho:
  15. hehe thanks rainyjewels i wish i just knew if i was going to adore it or not, do you have any idea about resale prices, ANYONE WHO DOES can i PM you and tell you what im paying and see if you think if i didnt like it if i could at least break even if i put it on eBay?!!?
    thankS! (ps ive never ever sold anything on eBay so im totally clueless!)