help!! do u know where i can get...


bitten by the MJ bug
Sep 26, 2008
so for my birthday for next week, my SO told me to pick out anything... minues the chanel rodeo drive... ive narrowed it down to 2 choices, both marc jacobs...

i'd post pix but im new here (a push from my SO since im on the site alot just browsing) and im still trying figure things out..

i would love to get the cecilia in either papaya, fuschia, or red
Does anyone know the name of bag #2.. and where to get them.. thanks


Sep 9, 2006
2 has the cecilia in black and grey, but only the bonnie in fuchsia. i'm pretty sure that the boutiques still have the fuchsia cecilia. if you don't end up getting the papaya one on ebay, give the boutiques a call. my sa gabby at the mercer store can help you. you can reach her at (212) 343-1490 in case you need her number. i hope you get your cecilia. it's a pretty bag.