Help! Do they still make the Mini Mono Keepall?

Do you like the MM keepall? (Honest opinions, people!)

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  • It's okay

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  • icky!

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Mar 18, 2006
Hi everyone-
I'm DYING to get an LV mini mono initials keepall! I know it's from last year's collection, so I'm hoping it still exists! I love the dark brown color on Vuitton's website, but the only color listed is ebony (it's okay, but I like the brown much better). Here's a pic of the ebony:

Any info at all would be appreciated!
It comes in ebony (pictured) and a brown color (on Vuitton's website) to the best of my knowlege. I fell in love when I saw it on elux last year- Megs also posted a blog on this bag.
I called 866 Vuitton.........asked about the fall metallics, but the lady didn't know anthing other than that info would be available sometime in mid to late summer and that it might not be a part of the Vernis line (she promounced it Ver-nay. I felt stupid when I said Ver-nis) But, anyway, I asked her about the mini mono.......told her it was part of men's collection last year, and she said that they would be done with it- but its listed on the women's section on in brown, but I didn't ask her about that! I'll still be looking, though!