Help!! Do I Sell To This Buyer?!

  1. This morning, I received this message from eBay regarding an individual who had bid on a bag that I had up for sale. This was part of the message....

    This email is to inform you that any recent bids placed by bugeater73 may have been by an unauthorized third party. We are now in the process of restoring the account to its true owner.

    I quickly cancelled their bid and went about my day. Hours ago, I again checked my eBay only to discover that this same handbag had been purchased with the "Buy It Now" option. However, when I checked their feedback, I freaked out!!! Check out the two most recent feedback entries left today for this buyer. His/Her eBay Id is.. vicaragecars



    The buyer is located in the UK. I don't want to send a $500 bag to this person. I emailed Ebay asking what to do, but they don't usually respond for days. I am kinda new at selling on Ebay, and thankfully I read all the negative posts this morning on tPF regarding bad Ebay experiences. Because of this, I was alert and not as trusting as I normally tend to be. Can I just email this buyer and tell them that I don't want to sell to them and why? Should I just wait until I hear back from Ebay before I do anything? I would appreciate any advice you ladies may have to offer.
  2. don't ship it of course!!! refund any money that came through paypal and move on
  3. This has been happening a lot lately -- if you read more in this eBay forum thread I believe there's a lot of postings about BIN items being purchased fraudulently.

    Unfortunately, all you can do is notify eBay and relist the item. But at least you didn't ship it out to anyone!
  4. Thanks. I did not ship it, nor has any money been paid. Should I even bother to send the buyer an email message? I would be tempted to remove the BIN option from my auctions, but twice this week I have sold bags with BIN. Also, I read a lot of posts on this Ebay thread about the same thing. Since overbuying handbags in the last three months, I decided to put on Ebay what I knew I would never carry. However, at this point, I am wondering if that's a good idea. I guess nothing is sacred anymore. You have to be on your toes everywhere you go and in everything you do.
  5. I read a thread in here about this same Buyer earlier. . . .
  6. OMG!! Thanks for tell me that Swanky Mama Of Three. I was hit twice in one day by these creeps. The id of the other bidder is bugeater73. Ebay caught that one, but I don't understand why Ebay did not cancel their bid on my item after they alerted me. The sad part of this is that now I have become a "doubting Thomas". When I saw later this afternoon that another bag had sold, I was nervous about it instead of being positive. I am such an honest person and would NEVER think of cheating anyone out of anything, so it is difficult for me to comprehend that mentality (or the lack thereof)! In your opinion, should I email the supposed buyer? I worry so about negative feedback, but at the same time I don't want to ship an over $500 bag to a thief!!
  7. oh no. do not do not do not!
  8. don't sell and ship to her. I pretty sure you won't accept payment from her unless she hack ppl PayPal acc to send payment.
  9. Because she "bought" the bag, Ebay is invoicing me for the sale of it! I haven't done anything at this point other than to send a message to Ebay security regarding the situation. They will have to remedy this situation as I cannot. If I relist, I will not do it with the BIN option.
  10. Email their customer service. I got three in the past two weeks. One today :sad: They usually respond within 24 hours for hijacked account.
  11. This happens frequently to many sellers so you can always add 'immediate payment required' as a buy it now option. I usually state if they would like to buy it now and pay via an alternative form of payment to just contact me to and then I make the changes in the listing.
    Also be sure to save your pictures and description as often with this kind of activity ebay removes the listing completely and you will no longer have access to it.
    Good luck and sorry this happened to you!
  12. Do a livechat with eBay. They will credit your final value fees on the spot.:yes: If you relist using BIN option make sure to add "immediate payment required".
  13. Cancel and Block them!!! Notify PayPal and let them return the funds. change all passwords. good luck!
  14. Hi JoV...There has been no payment on the bag, and I have received no emails from the buyer. On the auction page, I am prompted to "Send Invoice", which obviously I won't do. I guess I am just confused about this whole thing....maybe because my mind doesn't work like a criminal and because this my first time at someone trying to "screw" me on Ebay. When someone is able to gain access to another persons Ebay Id, how then does it benefit them? If I were to submit the invoice, and in turn receive a payment to payment from this sellers account, then how would the crook benefit? I would ship the bag to the buyers PayPal address. I'm sorry....maybe I'm slow or just old, but I don't get what this person is trying to do! Can someone help this "newby to Ebay scam artists" out please. I feel so stupid. What is nice is that yesterday I did sell a bag to a very nice lady, so that renews my trust in society.
  15. there are more ways to get scammed on ebay than hours in the day. please just move on from this. relist the bag, ignore the original sale/listing/buer, turn it in to ebay and forget it every happened. you didn't get any money that you need to return, you didn't ship anything, just pretend it never happened, relist, and sell to someone nice and honest