Help! Do I "need" the Chloe Edith Tall Satchel?


Apr 23, 2006
I know nothing about Chloe but while browsing the sale section at Neimans, I came across this bag. From the picture, it's love. But the dimensions are not given. And I'm unaware of the leather quality of this particular bag. (And I'm a die hard leather lover!!)

Please, either enable or talk me out of it. Also, can I find a better price anywhere else? Any and all information is welcome.

I was tempted too (especially when Aloha Rag was blowing out their stock!) but I've always worried about that top flap and whether it would drive me bonkers. I'm fussy but several gals are quite happy with theirs, and Chloe/Edith leather quality is FANTASTIC! I'm going to save $$ for one of the spring Ediths that's more accessible.

Otherwise it's a great price and it will be hard to find it for less... I think there are some pics/links in the threads about the AR sale. Let us know if you get it!
I have seen this bag IRL and personally, it reminds me of a backpack purse. Remember those weird little backpacks from the early 90's? It's not little, but the pocket and the top flap make me think of those things for some weird reason. However, if you like the style, the leather on the one I saw was ammmaaaazing. Very soft and beautiful. I say go for it if you love it!
I might have changed my mind..... I just saw other pics of this bag and I kind of like it now.... I'm not sure why! Weird, I know. But if you think you "need" it, you probably need it haha.