HELP!!! Do I match!?!?

  1. Ok... my boyfriend is coming into town tonight, and we are going to have dinner and all that good stuff... AND, I wanted to know if my Legacy Stripe Ponytail Scarf would match with my outfit... I'm wearing dark blue jeans from old navy- cuffed at the bottom cuz I'm short... lol; a khaki/beige striped long sleeve boat-neck top from ann taylor; red ballet flats; and my coach soho signature pouch in khaki/brown... Would the ponytail scarf match if I wore it like a headband with the C's showing!?!?

    Have I mentioned that I TOTALLY SUCK at matching... lol...



    I've included some pictures to help you visualize the outfit a little better... lol...

    *except my jeans are darker, and the cuff is not as big which makes them a little longer too



    *And I couldn't find a pic of my shirt... :sad: Oh well...
  2. My dear... it sounds adorable!

    Ahh... dating. I miss the days of dating! Enjoy your evening out!! But for the record, you might want another opinion, because I am horrible at mix-matching myself. Whoops, so I guess that means I am not any help... :p

    (PS, ^That was a joke, and I think it will be great, bag/headband matching & all... it does sound cute... Just wanted to clarify that. Oh, and I LOVE a red shoe!!)
  3. I'd say so. All your colors are neutrals pretty much. And I don't see that the ponytail scarf conflicts with the red flats. It'd probably even look cute with the colors showing since you have so much neutral going on except for your feet. It'd probably be pretty against the beige/khaki striped top. Don't worry, you'll look great to him no matter what you wear!
  4. YAY!!! Maybe I can coax him into us stopping by the Coach store tonight... lol!!!

    Thanks Bags4Bubbles!!!

  5. Aww... tlloveshim... thanks SO much!!!

  6. ^ Go for it!!! Wouldn't hurt!! In my experience, get him to go to the Coach store while you still can.... Once you have a "DH"... they never let you "just stop by Coach" if they're in the car...:hysteric:
  7. Yeah, I agree! While you're in the "I'll do anything for you" stage better take advantage! haha!! I can't complain though. My dh changed his husbandly ways over the last couple of years and goes wherever I want now. As long as I keep my spending 'under control'! LOL!

    Have fun!
  8. ^:roflmfao:

    Oh dear... I am looking forward to that day with mine.

    Hmmm... he has let me start handling the finances...:graucho:
  9. yes the pony would match just fine as long as only the C's are showing. Too bad you dont have the Red and White Heart's and C's from Valentine's day because that would match perfectly.
  10. You outfit sounds cute! I hope you have a good time :smile: