Help!!! Do I mail in for a repair?

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  1. Dear all !
    I am a little upset about my one month old Vanity Case. I got it on Dec 10 and couple days ago I found a crack or something I don’t know how to describe it, but the more I look at it the more it bothers me. This is my very first Chanel purse and I don’t know what I can do. Anyone has deal with Chanel repair ? I got it from Saks and the closest Chanel is 5 hrs away. My original SA told me she cannot be sure if I need to pay extra for repair until they have the bag back. I just felt she wasn’t really wanting to help me. It always take her couple days to response to a yes or no question. I asked her today what’s my next step if I want to repair, she’s not answering me...
    Anyone has any suggestions?
  2. I am so sorry this has happened to your first Chanel purchase :shocked::shocked:

    Honestly for this kind of bad crack on such a new bag ( only 1 month old ), I would definitely definitely ask for an exchange/ full refund ( or store credit depending on the store policy )! I personally would NOT even accept repair!

    This crack definitely will go worse with use and it shouldn’t have been there in the first place! This is a very serious quality issue! Show the crack to the store manager and do NOT settle for any repair service they may offer! Just my 2 cents!

    Good luck! Please update us here.
  3. Oh my I’m really sorry this happened to your brand new bag! They’ll repair that for free. Well my bags under 1 year have been repaired for free. But it’s not even a crack. It’s a... pretty deep cut! Unacceptable!

    Usually I just bring them to the Chanel store. And it gets taken care of. But since you’re far away, definitely call your store first and explain. Forget your current SA. Just go find anyone. If it fails, keep calling other branches.
  4. How much have u used it? are you sure you didnt get caught somehow? If you are 100% sure this is in no way your fault, go to a store and ask for a repair.