Help! Do I give refund or not?

  1. Hi Ladies I need help. So this come after I have been complaining about the USPS for months. Okay, so I sold a pair of Loeffler Randall pumps to a winning bidder in Maryland on Dec. 3rd. I sent the package on December 4th priority with delivery confirmation. Last week the buyer contacted me to tell me that the package had never arrived. I checked the tracking #'s and the only info available was that the item had been processed in Springfield MA on 12/4. I asked the buyer to hang tight while I checked things out. I also sent a copy of herconfirmed paypal address to make sure it was still correct. My buyer told me that her zip was different by 1 number:wtf: but that she still always got her mail. Okay. . .WTF?

    I have the USPS looking into it right now, but what should I do? She wants a refund right now. I don't know what to do since she gave me an incorrect address that was somehow confirmed. Do have any legs to stand on? Should I refund in full? Help!

    TIA:heart: for any help you can offer!
  2. I would try to get her to wait until you can get an answer from the P.O. it may still be in Springfield with the wrong zipcode, or on its way back to you.

    Did you get insurance? If you did and you file a claim, refund her through paypal and have the insurance check sent to you.

    Just keep in touch with her and let her know that you are doing all you can to track it down. Send her the DC# if you already haven't so she knows that you did ship it. Sometimes if you keep a good communication with people they are very understanding. If she is not, then I suggest you get on the phone with paypal and see what they suggest you do.

    Good luck
  3. I don't think you are responsible for how long it takes to arrive. I ordered something Dec 2nd and finally got it on Dec 18th even though it was supposed to only take 2-5 business days. Its also due to the holiday season. The package was coming from NY and I also checked the tracking no and it was in florida for like a week I think. The seller was really nice and was keeping track as well. In the end it worked out, I hope her package will come soon as it seems it hasn't be delivered yet according to your post.
  4. I also would not refund her yet. I would wait to see what the post office comes up with. Did the buyer request and or pay for insurance? If not I don't feel that you are obligated to give her a refund.
  5. i would wait!
  6. Actually, it is the sellers responsibility to insure the item. The seller is responsible for getting the item to the buyer in the condition it was described. Sellers who say in there auction "not responsible for items once they have shipped" WILL be forced to refund by paypal if the buyer doesn't receive the item, or it is received with shipping damage. I don't give the option for insurance, it is included in my shipping cost.
  7. I listed this auction before I understood that no matter what the buyer requests, the liability for getting the item to the buyer falls on me. I gave the option of insurance, but the buyer did not pay for it. I gave the DC number to the buyer weeks ago. At first I was afraid that she had gotten the item and realized that I had no proof of delivery. . .you see where I am going with this. I try to not be that cynical but there was a moment there when my mind went there. I asked the buyer to give me 48hrs so that I have time to hear back from the PO.
    I am wondering about holiday interference though. Another package that I sent a few days later JUST arrived at its destination this morning.

    aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggg. . .USPS:confused1:
  8. I wouldn't panic yet, mail is really slow this time of year. I hope the P.O. is able to locate it for you.
  9. even cards are slow getting there during the holidays. last year my brother ent me a card with a giftcard in the first couple days of december and i didnt get it til mid january... and that was a card....
  10. I would wait on the refund until you find out what is going on from USPS. I am sure that it is just delayed due to the holidays, just wait and see.
  11. If I was you I would explain to the buyer what the problem is and tell her that you've been talking to USPA about it. Ask her to give you just another week or so to see what they can come up with.
  12. i would not refund her yet and if her zipcode was wrong but it was confirmed with paypal i would think your not responsible because they had the incorrect information. As for the usps for me it hasn't been slow at all