Help!!!! Do I get the Cherry Speedy????

  1. I have a chance to get a used cerise speedy in good I do it????? I'm not sure if it's a good idea....i don't have a mono speedy yet, only a damier speedy, so this would be special, but would it last the test of time? Would I use it all the time?

    Cerise Speedy owners, do you love it? Do you use it all the time? Is it too trendy?

    Are there any negatives?

    Anyone remember how much retail was for this baby?
  2. Get it, it's a beautiful bag.
  3. Hi!

    I don't have one, but I know all th girls that have one on this forum love it! I checked one out once and thought the 25 was too small. I prefer the 30, which is why I didn't get one. I think when it first came out, it was $500 or $600... but not sure. Since it's stopped production, the price has doubled. Good luck and let us know what you decide!
  4. Get It!!
  5. get it!!! i got mine instead of the mono speedy too :P
  6. I'd say go for it. I don't own one, but I think it's so CUTE!!
  7. hmm, looking at pictures again, one corner has some rubbing on it (it looks more grayish and dirty) Would you still get it???
  8. Is it on ebay?
  9. I think you should get it, but if it is in good condition! If you don't like the rubbing because it looks dirty, then don't get it. I mean if you are going to pay a lot of money for it at least let it be in good condition! But if you think it's not a big deal, then go get it asap! It is such a cute bag!
  10. Get It!!
  11. would you get it or something in multicolor?
  12. I got it when it came out....It was $990. I didn't even consider it's size at the time. 25, 30??? What??? LOL

    All I saw and thought of was "Cherries". Must have the cherry speedy!
    It's really pretty! I love it! It is small, but does fit quite a bit. Now bigger things like magazines, uhh nope. But keys, sm.wallet, ckbk, ph, paperback bk, wapity, and my sm. agenda all fits. With a bit more space to spare. It's about 3/4 of the way full with these things. It fits all these things pretty well. If you want to put more it's gonna get a bit tight/bulky. But, if I wanted to leave the bk, agenda, and wapity...I'd have a LOT of room to spare.

    It comparison with the 30 (I have the mono, and MC). The 30 you're able to move things around more when you're looking for something. The 30's opening also opens WAY WIDE, big. The 25 opens fairly descent but not as WIDE as the 30.

    HTH! Good Luck on whatever you decide.;)
  13. Get it!
  14. i'm going to say: GET IT!!! Y? because this LV will become hard to find VERY soon!!! Hard to find stuff... means HIGH PRICES!!!!! Therefore, get it now before it becomes impossible!!! AND you'll just kick yourself if you see someone walking down the street with it and you say, "nah its okies... i'll pass" SO get it with no regret!!! :biggrin: weeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeee!!!
  15. You should definitely get it... I have 2 of them... one for to keep and one for to use... (crazy me... :shame: )