Help, do I buy or not-must decide this afternoon!!!

  1. Ladies, need your expert opinion, I have been offered a black with white CC cambon camera case handbag which was returned to Saks, need help from all of you who know your chanels, what size more or less is the camera case, is it a practical size, the handbag is 40% off, and also, should I buy the cambon two tone black and white or do you think this is too trendy and I won't be able to wear it for long????Thanks so much, I have a pink caviar chanel, an olive chanel medium size and a black caviar small I go for this one??????
  2. if it's still in good, like-new condition. go for it. i think that color combo never go on sale.
  3. It is in new condition, but, can you tell me the approximate size of the camera case one??????I am not familiar with this size????thanks
  4. its a gorgeous color combo! my favorite. Its a fair size and will be quite practical imo!
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Why don't you ask the s/a to measure it for you? That's what they are there for, to help you make a decision.
  7. Thank soooo much, I am going to buy it!!!!!
  8. When in doubt, BUY BUY BUY!
  9. That's FAB advice! :yes: i totally agree.
  10. just buy it. Saks has 60 days return policy.
  11. I did!!!!and also found a gorgeous greyish/taupe large tote in the luxe line, not the new luxe line, it has a silver/dark silver trim all around, it is large and gorgeous, 40% off - they have another one left plus the beige and black cambon pouchette I returned plus a gorgeous red handbag plus several rust kind of and another color rust bag with the double cc's in the front - if anyone is interested let me know and I will give you sa name and telephone number for the sfa store
  12. Dolores, Congrats on your bag.... post some pics when you can
  13. That is quite the haul there. Congrats.