help! Do hermes make mini kellys or birkins?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I've been hearing about "mini" kellys and the "mini" birkins. I was wondering if that's a new size or are they referring to the kelly 28 and the birkin 25? Also i've seen really tiny kellys (looks like its only 15-20 cm) at the window display in hermes monaco... do they really make that or was it just something special for the window display?

  2. Jenyi, the mini Birkin is 25cm. There are two mini Kellys - 20cm (see my avatar) and also a not-very-functional 15cm (sometimes shown in Hermes window displays). HTH!
  3. 15cm Kellys are available, but rare. The smallest Birkin is 25cm.
  4. If anyone know mini-Kellys, Ninja Sue does!!!
  5. :yes: :smile: :yahoo: Love my mini Kellys! LOL! :yahoo: :smile: :yes:
  6. hmm how many mini kellys can fit in that giant kelly?:idea::rolleyes:
  7. Thanks soo much! You girls are great. Wow i am so excited that they actually do make kellys in 15cm and 20 cm! They must be super cute! I wonder how much would a 15cm kelly in silver croc, python, or some exotic material would cost... Drooling as i am picturing the minis in my head.

    Ninja sue: what is the price range for a kelly 20cm? tks!
  8. Ninja Sue is the QUEEN of all that is mini-Kelly :biggrin: (LOVE your avatar, btw)!

    I have the "Kelly 2 Mini Clutch" and like it a lot - despite it being small in stature!!!

    Will attach a pic :smile:
  9. Truer words were never spoken. :lol: Sue loves pygmy kellys.
  10. Jenyi, I'm afraid I can't help you with the price of a croco 15cm. Also, if my information is correct, the 20cm Kelly has been discontinued. HG, do you know if that is true? While the 20cm can fit quite a lot (I posted a pic on another board this morning of a 20cm holding a Dogon key wallet with a chunky car key, Dogon compact wallet, business card case, Aleve, lipgloss, lipstick and a pen). The 15cm holds almost nothing.

    Japster, "pygmy?" Don't let my mini Kellys hear you!
  11. I haven't heard about the 20cm being DC'ed.:shrugs:
  12. Yes, Sue is THE queen of mini kellys :idea: She has the most amazing mini kellys collection!