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  1. help im going to plan a cruise for me and my husband and kids i think so my kids will be 5 and 3 at the time of cruise . what cruise line have you been on thats kid friendly and also has a bar lol it would be nice to sip on a pina colada while they kids are at there day camp thing on so what do you thing of the cruise lines

    just let me know what you think and how you liked your trip:yahoo:
  2. i've never been on a disney cruise, but my cousin and his family (their kids were 3 & 6 at the time) went last year...and they said that it was good, they all had a good time, and highly recommend us to try it.

    i've also heard good experiences from some friends who've taken their kids on it.
  3. well thanks
  4. I've been on Disney, Princess, and Norwegian America. Mind you, I don't HAVE kids. But based on what I know from my trips, I'd say Disney hands down.

    As someone who cruises without kids, I can tell you, that although the Disney ships typically have 2-3 times the number of kids on board as the others, you see them LESS because of all the amazing activities Disney has for the kids. Seems like there are half as many kids on the Disney ship as others. You sign them up, decide if they have in and out privledges without you, and they give you a pager so they can page you if needed. For when you do want to spend time with them, there are special family areas, like a family pool (situated in between the kids pool and the adults only pool). Also, there's a portion of the ship that goes adults only after 9pm, but other night clubs that kids are still allowed in at that time. My mom and I find some parents complaining they don't see their kids ENOUGH because of how much fun the kids have at their special stuff. Other parents say thats why they'll only do Disney.
  5. So true! The one thing that I didnt like about carnival was that there was no separate pool for adults only (and this was on a BRAND NEW ship). This is what is so appealing about Disney and RCI. Just know that Disney doesn't have a casino, if that is something you are interested in.

    My parents, who cruise just the two of them, love to take Disney because they never see any kids on board!
  6. Good point about the casino. Mom likes that so she gets bummed...but they do still do Bingo, and thats usually where she makes more money!

    And yes, I'm not a big fan of kids (very impatient and get annoyed easily) but Disney does such an amazing job entertaining them it isn't an issue!
  7. I went on Princess, and while I didn't enjoy it because I was 19, so I was too old to hang out in the teen place, but too young to drink or gamble or anything, it sucked for me. But they had lots of bars/clubs, and a kids camp and lots of stuff for kids to do.
    Had I been older, I'm sure I would have enjoyed it much more.
  8. I think even though all the cruise lines, basically, have some sort of kids program, Disney would have to be my choice, given the ages of your children. It's all about the children, and you still will have adult areas for peace and quiet. I'd go with Disney.