Help! Discoloration on my mini lin!!!!

  1. I bought a mini lin speedy last sept and have been using it quite often, except when i decided to give her a rest last week for one whole week. Last night, when I bring her out, i saw some discoloration on the material where the lock is leaning against!!! there was a faint reddish patch. I suspected it is cause by the lock friction against the lin speedy owner out there, do you notice the same thing on your speedy? Is it normal? I am so worried now :sad:
  2. Hi, sorry to hear you have the photo to show us?
    I have mini lin speedy since far no discoloration..
    Take it to the store and see what they can do about it, good luck and please keep us posted..please share us the pics if you can
  3. I will try to take a pic when I get home. Even though it is not noticeable, as it's covered by the lock...but the problem is I notice it!!! Do you think the boutique will entertain me, cos it has been months since it was purchased? sept 06 to be exact. I do not want the SA to think I'm being silly. Or maybe I should just leave it..
  4. :sad: :confused1: .. could you post some pics????

  5. I still think you should take it to the store. I don't think it's silly at harm in doing that..please keep us posted
  6. I need to see pics of the problem. I've had my mini lin speedy for almost a month now, no problems.
  7. Does the lock look like it rusted??
  8. I will take some pics tonight. Now I'm at work. I have checked my lock, it's not rusty at all. I will update again after getting it to the lv store. I hope they have good explanation for it.
  9. I'd be calling LV about that. I dont have my lock on mine. It was there when it was sent to me but i've attached it to the inside of my bag.

    Sorry to hear and hope that lv does something about it.
  10. I have had mine for about 2 mos already, i use it everyday. Its also humid here. No stains at all and my lock has changed colors already....Bring it in to LV to show them. My LV here is always so accomodating with all my "issues" with my bags.
  11. I agree take it to the store and show them....and please, let us know what they say :smile:
  12. good luck let us know what they say i'm itching for the mini lin speedy
  13. Definitely take it to the boutique.
  14. I've not noticed anything like that on my bag but I don't keep the lock on it.
  15. Thanks all for your concern. It's great to have a place to pour out my woes :yes: . Yeah, the best way is to bring it to the store. I will definitely update all of you again, and share their advice.