Help!!! Dirty Lockit!!!! :-(

  1. I bought my Lockit last August....LOVE it!!! BUT...I guess some of my jeans rubbed off on the corners. I went to LV & the one sa told me that ill just have to wait until the leather turns a darker patina color or just re-leather it. Now, I dont want to re-leather it or wait. Here are some pics. Im curious if anyone here knows a secret way to fix my dilema. Thanks!!!

  2. did you try the no alcohol baby wipes?
  3. Well, I don't think this is any secret way, but I have had a few black rubbed stains on vachetta handles before and the alcohol-free babywipes worked for me. There are quite a few threads on this already in the FAQ section, you can do a search on it, and good luck!
  4. Blue dye gets off with the magic eraser - I had the same problem. I rubbed hard and it eventually came off. I found baby wipes to be too weak on dye. You definetly don't need to get leather replaced - the same thing would happen again.

    For the future all I can suggest is making sure your bag doesn't rub up against jeans.. or maybe even wash the jeans a few times...
  5. had the same issue with my coat last winter rubbing like that...

    I just started turning it upside down when not using it to start the tanning :smile: in front of the window.

    I noticed it before I was too bad,
    Try using baby wipes to remove some of it, or maybe start tanning it in front of the window to help the patina move along.
  6. WOW, I never heard of the babywipe thing. Ill have to try it.
    The jeans were washed a million times. They are not cheap jeans either, thats what drove me crazy. None of my jeans have ever rubbed off on anything but this bag. It must be the leather.
    Thanks...ill try the wipes and the eraser thing.
  7. Try the magic eraser.
  8. i agree you should try babywipes then the magic eraser and then applegarde it after.
  9. I used a mr. clean earser on the light leather upholstery in my car. It was the only thing that took off "dark jeans". Good luck.
  10. I would try the magic eraser.
  11. Good luck! Baby wipes and Magic Eraser are amazing!
  12. The magic eraser is awesome, but you will have to condition the leather after you use it!
  13. I second the baby wipe and magic eraser routine. (try baby wipe first)