HELP - dirty bag

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  1. So i got a Damier Azur speedy 25 a couple of months ago and i've noticed recently on the handles there are some dark marks. Is there a way to wash it off?? Now i'm scared to use it cause of the light colored leather. :confused1: thanks
  2. dark marks, water spots, and just a general darkening of the leather are just part of the lovely LV experience. :yes: once your vachetta starts to patina (get darker), those spots will start to blend in. some people choose to treat their bags (like apple guard), which will initially darken the leather slightly, but then help to protect the leather. i've never tried it, but i've also heard using a magic eraser will help some.
  3. A lot of PF members recommend baby wipes (make sure they don't contain alcohol because it would dry the leather). You won't damage it just wiping it down, just wipe the handles off and wait for them to dry, then see how it looks. Some people recommend following up with a water and stain repellent spray, others don't ... seems to be a matter of personal choice.
  4. try baby wipes
  5. thanks guys;)
  6. Magic eraser or saddle soap works great too, I believe Selena put together a FAQ sticky on top of LV's general forum reagarding vachetta cleaning. Good luck!
  7. i tried the magic eraser. it works.. but will get the vachetta dry.
  8. Is there a way to lighten a specific area of the vachetta...lets say where your hands usually go. If it's darker than the rest of the bag (not significantly) and has been for a while, is it gonna stay that way?
    I'm just a super neat freak when it comes to consistency, esp in the colour distribution of the darkening vachetta.
  9. I also have a new damier 25 speedy and want it to keep looking as fresh as possible. So I found the solution: I bought a pair of chic beige gloves, my hands do not touch the handles! Useful too, because it is freezing at the moment!
  10. I'm a superfreak too when it comes to my bags! I hate darkening of the handles and I hate patina (unfortunetly thats part of what happens to your LV) but I usually hold my handheld purses on my arm instead of holding it in my hand. I find that you don't get those dark dirty marks, probably because hands are really dirty!