HELP Dior or LV?

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  1. Do u think I should keep the Dior vintage flower bag or get the popincourt? I just got it as my Valentine's gift :biggrin:

    Dior ..... i dont know if it's just too colorful ...
  2. Hmm, the dior is cute, but I think the Popincourt will last you longer.. I would personally get tired of the dior after a while, but the LV I could use forever and it won't go out of style. The Dior is cute though and makes more of a statement IMO. It all comes down to what you want out of the bag. When are you planning on wearing it and with what?

    Good luck! Oh, and GREAT Valentine's gift btw :love:
  3. I actually like the Dior. When I first saw your posting, I was like wowwwwww at the picture of the Dior. The Dior looks very classy and feminine, whereas the LV is more practical and casual.
  4. dior looks like it would be a great vintage bag... when it's vintage. hahahha.
  5. I'll keep the dior..
  6. I'd go with Dior.
  7. Did your bf pick out the Dior personally or did you choose it yourself? If he picked it out himself, I might just keep it considering it's coming from his heart.
  8. Dior. Everyone has an LV. Get something different!
  9. I love this popincourt alot. But when comparing it with the Dior bag, the Dior one stands out better. I'd say keep the Dior. Besides, it's a V-Day pressie! That is priceless! :smile:
  10. the dior is more unique and less people will have it .. but the LV is more classic + seasonless.

    but if your bf bought it for you as a present and he picked it out .. keep the dior. its from the heart.

    either way its a gorgeous bag!
  11. I would go for the dior!
  12. omg i love that dior bag!! only problem is... you may get bored of it after a while... i get like that with my dior collection...
  13. Dior everyone has LV.
  14. why do you have to choose? if the dior was a gift and you want the LV, save up and buy it! you'll have two great bags then!
  15. Dior .... you can always get an LV mono whatever in the future ... They're not going anywhere.