Help...difficult seller on ebay

  1. OK, here is the situation, I bought what ws supposed to be an ocena work on eBay a couple of weeks ago, but the tag has a Y on it indicating '06. It is not Blue India or Blue Roi so what could it be? Also there is a mark on the bottom of the bag about 4 inches long that was not disclosed (looks like maybe ink or something) the seller is refusing to do anything. Is it worth filing a paypal dispute, has anyone done that before? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...thanks...Ashley
  2. it is a beautiful bag!!! I would try to get the ink out with a LMB cleaner...I would still carry it even if the ink was on the bottom....TDF color!!!!!
    it is still a new bag if its '06

    let us know what you do....I would keep it if it were me.......
  3. i would file a dispute. it's not what you paid for plus there's an ink mark! even if it's on the bottom, it would bother me so much. :/ good luck!
  4. It looks darker than cornflower, is the pic dark or is the actual bag a darker blue than cornflower?
  5. I agree with pluiee! It would be different if you liked the color so much you wanted to keep it even thought it's not the color discribed but you sound dissappointed. Plus the mark was not disclosed in the auction.
  6. Looks like cornflower to me.
  7. That's what I think too but I wasn't sure if the pic was dark or the actual bag :smile:
  8. it's blueberry!! i bought a blueberry mini bowling in August 06 and the colors the same.. hope this helps
  9. Thanks, I think the pic is a little darker than the bag is in actually is. I am disappointed b/c I think the mark on the bottom is a gross misrepresentation (its kind of a long mark). I think it looks like cornflower too, I am going to initiate a dispute just because the seller won't offer any type of refund to compensate for the misrepresentations! I will let you guys know what happens...
  10. You don't sound happy with it so it would probably be best.

    Good luck, hope it works out :smile:
  11. I personally think shes beautiful, BUT she isnt what you paid for so i agree you should file a dispute. Good luck, hope it works out ok!
  12. Doesn't look dark enough to be Blueberry. My guess would be Cornflower.

    Have you tried getting the seller to give you a partial refund - say 10%? At least that would be something. If you can tell them you are going to open a dispute unless they give you a partial refund, they may comply.
  13. I tried, she is being completely unreasonable and accusing me of staining the bag. THis is the first time I have ever had a problem on eBay that I could not work sad
  14. It definately isn't ocean. I just bought an ocean city. My guess is also cornflower. Did the seller represent it to be ocean? Because if she did, can't you return it since she misrepresented what it was? I hope you can get it worked out. Did you buy it through Paypal?
  15. Oh my.... I can totally relate to you on this. Me too until I bought 2 different used Bbags on ebay last year that had defects or stains that were not disclosed and reputable sellers accused me of doing it. Needless to say, I was insulted and very dissapointed. However, my eyes are wide open now and might handle things differently today.

    If it's something that you can live with, I'd move on. BUT, I do realize sometimes and in fact most of the time it's about the principle. Do what feels best for you.