HELP different versions of black quilted stams??

  1. hi gals,

    i own a black SS07 black quilted stam, i dont know if its just me but i think my stam is so dull compared to other seasons black stam..:sad:

    is it just me?? or are the black stams different every season?

    i saw an eBay auction for a resort 06 black stam and the stitching looked white (maybe its just the lighting :shrugs:), my stam has black stitchings on it

    this is the eBay auction

    i dont have any pics of my black stam, but ill try to post some pics for comparison

    TIA :flowers::flowers:
  2. [​IMG]

    this is how the stitchings are on my stam, sorry for the crappy pics :sweatdrop: cant find my camera, so i took it with my phone

    the stitchings and the texture of the leather looks different than the resort one on eBay
  3. i'm holding the resort 07 stam right now. it's probably an indentical one to the stam listed in that auction. the stitching is black. it's the flash that is making it appear white. also looking at the leather, there is a sheen to it. the finish is definitely glossier than my fall 07 berry stam. perhaps they were just using shiny leather for resort? black stams do differ season to season. older black stams had a cream canvas interior and heavier chains while the newer versions have either an orange or grey canvas lining and lighter, hollow chains.
  4. Stam details do vary from season to season. I believe Resort 2006 Stams had grey contrast stitching, but they may appear white due to flash. Some people liked it others really hated it. :shrugs:
  5. The ss07 stams do have darker stitching than previous seasons... as Melly said, some girls like it, some don't. I prefer the darker stitching.
  6. thanks guys :smile: i thought it was jut my stam that was different,

    hmmm i do notice that my stam isnt as glossy looking as the resort one.. is it bad that im hating on my black stam?? :cry: out of all my stams i use the black one the least
  7. LOL.... I find that happens a lot with my black bags. I tend to enjoy using the colored bags more because they stand out. If you're not loving your black stam, then maybe you should consider replacing it with another color?