HELP! Difference of a canadian solitaire diamond and other commercial diamond?

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  1. I am just wondering everytime I go to a Jeweler Store, why a canadian solitaire diamond ring is much pricey compare to other commercial diamonds? like for example an australian diamond price of 1.5 carat is $8000 while a 1.5 carat canadian diamond ring is $13,000?
  2. Canadian diamonds are supposed to be ethically mined diamonds.
  3. They're also supposed to possess a fire & brilliance like no others.
  4. I think basic economies of scale. DeBeers controls the majority of the world's diamonds and hold almost all reserves, controlling the supply (and thus, the price). Canadian diamonds are mined on a much smaller scale and probably are kept out of the network of discount African miners/Indian cutters. Being mined, cut and distributed all in a country with labor laws and minimum wages would explain the difference.
  5. Many canadian diamonds are actually mined IN Canada, ethically, not imported from other parts of the world.
  6. Thank you all for the reply.
  7. they have the highest amount of facets - dont quote me but its like 'normal' diamonds have 58 and they have 101 ... those numbers arent right but you get it ...
  8. Are you comparing two dimonds with the exact same specs? I worked at a jewelery store for a couple of years and the price difference was only more by about 10 or 15%.
    And a canadian diamond is not nicer.. diamonds are all graded the same. Some people like them because they know the origin of the stone.
  9. oops, double post..
  10. The diamonds in my engagement ring are Canadian and while yes, we paid more for them, I think that price is well worth it when it comes to peace of mind. I know exactly where and when my diamonds were mined as they have been through the Kimberley Process.

    There really isn't a difference between quality of diamond as all diamonds are graded the same, it's just about knowing where your diamond is from!
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    its true that all diamonds are graded equally no matter where they're from. but statistically Canadian diamonds are cleaner clarity wise than any other diamond mined anywhere else.

    i'm going to try to find the articles discussing the Diavik mine in NWT and the quality of the material :biggrin:
    p.s If/when I ever get married I think it would be really awesome to own a Canadian diamond being a 7th generation Canadian myself!!
  12. There is absolutely nothing different other than where it was mined.

    You can find H I2 diamonds in Canada and D IF diamonds in Africa. You can put 50 or 100 or any number of facets on any diamond you want.

    Some jewelers (Peoples/Mappins/Samuels/Rogers, and many more) have a Canadian brand that uses a higher quality diamond than their other diamonds, and/or has more facets, so of course that diamond will be priced highest and look the best in that particular store.

    schadenfreude13: De Beers owns at least two diamond mines in Canada (Snap Lake, Victor). In addition, historically De Beers buys rough from other diamond mining companies, including ones in Canada and Russia.
  13. Hi Shigeru!
    you are correct that a diamond is a diamond, but in the industry canadian diamonds are exciting because the percentage of clean quality material being mined is higher than any other mines around the world, so the mines are yielding far more quality material. they are definitely more expensive because the mines are located on Inuit land, so a percentage of profits go towards the Inuit communities, the mines are also unionized and ethically mined so this raises the prices as well....this is something i'm willing to invest in. knowing the workers are being paid well, and the surrounding communities compensated for the use of their land.:smile:
  14. Yes! Many other big brands like Tiffany and Cartier only use diamonds through the Kimberley Process too.

    One of my friend owns a Canadian diamond 1carat it's colour is better than my Tiffany one carat. BUT...from our diamond has a lot more sparkle :yahoo:
  15. Did I hallucinate this or is there really a teeny tiny polar bear on all Canadian diamonds, viewable only under a loup? It's very possible I am completely wrong here, but if I am I wonder where my brain came up with that??

    If I am ever in the market for a serious diamond I will go Canadian, too. Patriotism + peace of mind knowing no one was exploited in the process of getting it out of the ground and onto my finger/ear/neck.