Help - difference between Lady Dior and Dior Lovely??

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  1. I need to know this... what styles and colors do each of these come in??

    If you have pics, that would be better.

    thanks :wlae:
  2. Here are picture of the Lovely bags. They come in white, black, and pink. They both sell for $690.
    lovely.jpg lovelytote.jpg
  3. There are SO many styles for the Lady Dior. There is the classic cannage bag that comes in white, black, brown, pink, and taupe. The hardware comes in either silver or gold. Medium sells for $1590 and the mini sells for $1250. Also, there is a satin one with rhinestone hardware.... my dream bag:love:
    ladyd.jpg ladydbrown.jpg ladydwhite.jpg miniladyd.jpg lady dior satin.jpg
  4. Other Lady Dior Styles are the East/West bag in quilted or soft. The quilted comes in taupe, black, white, or pink, and the soft one comes in fushia, sage, or turquoise. Both sell for $1350.

    The Lady Dior stitch tote comes in brown, black, white, fushia, sage, and turquoise. Sells for $1590.

    Next is the Lady Dior Hobo which also sells for $1350. I think it comes in black, white, pink, brown, and camel with embroidery.

    Also, there is the Lady Dior Zip Double Handle Bag, comes in beige and black and sells for $1250
    ladydew.jpg ladydsoft.jpg ladystitch.jpg ladyhobo.jpg ladyzip.jpg
  5. Next is the Lady Dior Soft Medium Tote. Black, white, pink, beige $1240. It also comes embroidered, in white, pink, black for $2400

    The Lady Dior Soft shopper in same colors as med tote $1550. It too comes embroidered for $2500
    ladytote.jpg ladydemb2.jpg ladyshop.jpg ladydemb.jpg
  6. I hope this helps Baby! There are a few more colors and styles for the Lady Dior that I didn't cover, like the perforated style, the new patent leather, and the new metallic gold and silver style for fall. Also, there is a wallet, clutch, pochette, and a few more evening styles.

    You can see all these styles on,, and
  7. Oh my gosh, this did help!! Thanks so much fashion_guru! :love:

    The Dior lovely is very cute... if anyone sees the one in pink anywhere, pleasel et me know :biggrin:
  8. I posted this in the Authenticate thread but if anyone could help me out with more information about the patent Lady Diors (pictures would be brilliant :smile: ) I would really appreciate it
  9. apart from the new black patent one :love:
  10. The particular lady dior you asked about is from 2000.

    There have been so many variations over the years.

    Here are a few others like the one you enquired about, these were from 2001:

    lady dior.jpg

    lady dior 2.jpg
  11. And this cutie for the smaller bag gals:

    dior lovely 2.jpg
  12. The lovely comes in chocolate brown and beige too, and fuschia in some countries (I believe the US only has fuschia accessories).
    Beige and chocolate:

    There are two Lovely pouch bags, the one ultimatechic posted and also this one:

    Here is another pic from the Lovely collection:
  13. Thanks ultimatechic, you're a gem :heart:
  14. This is a beautiful collection... it really is. There are very few Dior collections I've disliked. :biggrin:
  15. What is the material for the classic cannage small square Lady Dior?